My payment was not received

On occasion, errors may occur when you are paying your bill.

Below, you will find common causes and solutions in the event that your payment has not been posted to your Sunrise account.


We will notify you as soon as your payment has been received

Simply select the option SMS notification in My Sunrise.


Payment received after up to three working days

It can take up to three working days for your payment to be credited.

Common errors and solutions by payment method

Choose your payment method to get tips and solutions for lost payments.

How to make sure we receive your payment:

Use the correct IBAN and reference number

Make sure you use the IBAN and reference number specified on the bill.

You can find more information in My Sunrise.


Use the original payment slip at the post office counter.

Printing or copying the payment slip may lead to errors in reading the slip.

Your payment wasn’t received and you can’t find a suitable solution listed above?

Please contact our customer service.

Make sure you have the following information available:

  • Payment date and amount

  • Recipient account number or QR IBAN for QR bills

  • 27-digit reference number (alternatively: notification or reason for payment)

  • For payments via online banking: The IBAN/account number from which the payment was debited

  • For credit card payments: Your credit card number