My payment was not received

On occasion, errors may occur when you are paying your bill.

Below, you will find common causes and solutions in the event that your payment has not been posted to your Sunrise account.


We will notify you as soon as your payment has been received

Simply select the option SMS notification in My Sunrise.


Payment received after up to three working days

It can take up to three working days for your payment to be credited.

Common errors and solutions by payment method

Choose your payment method to get tips and solutions for lost payments.

If you have several customer accounts, you may have made the payment for a different account.


Solution: Identify the correct account

Reference numbers are structured as follows:

x0 00008 12345 6789x xxxxx xxxxx

Five zeros are followed by your customer number. In this example, the customer number would be: 8123456789

Check the customer number to find out which customer account you made the transfer to.


Free account statement by e-mail

In My Sunrise, you can have an account statement sent to you by e-mail for free.

It will show you all the payments in chronological order.

If you have both UPC and Sunrise accounts, you may have accidentally entered the UPC QR-IBAN as the payee account.



Please correct your payment templates immediately in accordance with your Sunrise bill. We will automatically transfer this payment to your Sunrise account. However, this process can take up to 14 days. The first transfer is free of charge. For further transfers, you will be charged a processing fee.

If you have both UPC and Sunrise accounts, you may have accidentally entered the UPC QR-IBAN and your UPC reference number (customer number) as the payee account.


Solution: The payment will be credited to your UPC account

The payment will be posted to your UPC account and credited to your next UPC bill.

You can find the details regarding your account balance in your My UPC account.

Please make another payment to Sunrise to settle your Sunrise bill.

You may have entered your payment details, but not completed the process yet.


Solution: Complete the payment

Please try to make the payment again – in the desktop version of your online banking account, for example. You could also try a different payment method.

All payments that are not made in accordance with the QR bill templates via online banking are equivalent to the former red payment slip and cannot be processed automatically by Sunrise. In addition, an incorrect or missing reference may make it impossible for us to assign a payment correctly to a customer. You may incur a fee of CHF 5.– per payment as compensation for the manual work we will need to carry out.

How to make sure we receive your payment:

All the information you need to make a QR-IBAN payment can be found on your Sunrise bill and in My SunriseMake sure you use the QR-IBAN and reference number specified on the bill.


Scan QR code

Easy and lightning-fast: Scan the QR code on your bill to make the payment. The amount can be adjusted if necessary.


Make the payment

Manual and traditional: Create a new QR-bill payment in your online banking account. If you use existing templates, create a new QR-bill payment and use it as the new template. Please use only this template for further payments of your Sunrise bills.


Please note:

The 27-digit reference number must be entered in order for it to be recorded correctly. If this entry is shown as «optional», you may also make a payment without providing the 27-digit reference number – without using a QR-IBAN for your payment, which is equivalent to making a payment with a red payment slip. Enter the QR-IBAN to make a valid, correct payment.

Find the right payment template faster by changing the name of the payee (e.g., from Sunrise LLC to Sunrise Mobile 076xxxxxxx). Changing the payee's name will not affect your payment.

Your payment wasn’t received and you can’t find a suitable solution listed above?

Please contact our customer service.

Make sure you have the following information available:

  • Payment date and amount

  • Recipient account number or (QR) IBAN for QR bills

  • 27-digit reference number (alternatively: notification or reason for payment)

  • For payments via online banking: the IBAN/account number of your bank account from which the payment was made

  • For credit card payments: Your credit card number