Switching subscriptions

Would you like to switch your subscription? With Sunrise, you can adjust your subscription to suit your needs at any time.

Switch subscription

You can switch subscriptions directly through My Sunrise. All products available to you are shown together with any buy-out fees:



Any discounts you might have could be lost when you switch (e.g. promotions or combo discounts).

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Older mobile subscriptions that are no longer offered for sale can still be used. But the new rate plans offer more advantages.

Tip: You can switch your subscription directly in My Sunrise. There, you can see all mobile subscriptions available to you.

Attention: When you purchase a new device or accessory with an installment plan, you have to switch to a new mobile subscription (exceptions: Sunrise Freedom start, classic, relax, max, super max and Mobile Unlimited).

This is how you can switch from an old prepaid product to a current one.

Switch to Sunrise Prepaid Unlimited
Text UNLIMITED to 5522

Switch to Sunrise Prepaid airbag
Text AIRBAG to 5522

We will send you an SMS confirming that the switch to the new rate has been completed.

Important: You won't be able to switch back to your old rate. However, you can switch between Prepaid airbag and Prepaid Unlimited at any time.

Tip: You can also switch from your prepaid product to a mobile subscription. This can be done via My Sunrise.

If you register or change a mobile subscription during a current billing month, the monthly basic fee and the included services (minutes, SMS, MB, etc.) will be charged pro rata.

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