Installation instructions

Connect Box 3

Find the perfect spot

Give your Connect Box 3 enough space.
The Connect Box 3 is a free spirit and likes a lot of space. Alyways position it upright and make sure that the front is facing into the room because the signal comes from the front and top of the Connect Box 3. So don't hide it in a cupboard or behind your TV.

Have you got everything?

Power unit
Connect Box cable A
Connect Box cable B
LAN cable
Connect Box 3

If you are missing an item, please contact our support.


Important! Use the new cable when installing the device

Even if your old cable looks exactly the same as the new one, improvements are constantly being made. Your old cable probably no longer meets our quality standards. It could have internal damage that causes malfunctions. Avoid signal loss or unnecessary hardware replacements and install your Connect Box 3 using the supplied cable.


Step by step guide
Connect the Connect Box cable
Connect Box cable A
Connect Box cable B
Plug in the power unit
White LED will be lit up continuously as soon as the box is set up.
This can take up to 30 minutes.
Establish an Internet connection
LAN option
Wi-Fi option
Well done! You have successfully connected your Connect Box 3!!
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