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Connect Pods for Sunrise Internet Box & Sunrise Internet Box Fiber

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2 Connect Pods
Ethernet cable
Quick Installation Guide

If you are missing an item, please contact our support.


Important! Use the new cable for the installation

Even if your old coaxial cable looks exactly like the new one. Our cables are constantly being upgraded. As a result, your old cable probably no longer meets our latest quality standards.

Download the Smart WiFi app

Before you start the installation, please download the Sunrise Smart WiFi app.
Download link for the App Store


Step-by-step instructions
Log in to the app and follow the installation wizard’s instructions

The app will prompt you to enter your password. You can find your password in your personal letter or in your My Sunrise account.

The installation guide for your Connect Pods will open automatically:

1. Restart your Internet modem
To do so, press the power button on the left-hand side of your modem.
Your modem is now switched off. Press the button once more to turn the modem on again.

2. Connect one of the Connect Pods to the modem
Use the Ethernet cable provided to do so.

3. Plug the Connect Pod into a wall socket
A constant white light should now be on at the front of your Connect Pod.

The Connect Pod will connect to your modem

After a short time, the white light on the front of your Connect Pod will start to pulse.
This can take a few minutes.

As soon as your Connect Pod has established a connection, the light will turn off again.

Add additional Connect Pods

You can now activate your second Connect Pod and add it to the network.

You do not need to use an Ethernet cable to connect any additional Connect Pods to the modem. Simply follow the instructions for installing additional Connect Pods, which can be found further down on this page.

Connecting devices to the new Wi-Fi

Finally, connect all devices to the new Wi-Fi for optimal reception throughout your home.

Fantastic, you’ve successfully connected your Connect Pods!
PDF instructions for installing your first Connect Pods

Installing additional Connect Pods

How to add additional Connect Pods to your network:
Open the app menu
Select the «Adapt» option
Carry out the «Install new Pods» step
PDF instructions for installing additional Connect Pods
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