Tips for positioning your Connect Pod

The correct positioning of your Connect Pods is essential for a seamless Wi-Fi connection in every corner of your home.

Distance to modem

Position your Connect Pod close enough to your modem.

If the Connect Pod is too far away from the modem, this will affect the signal strength.
Therefore, please position your Connect Pod at a maximum distance of 9 to 13 meters from your modem.

If you are using several Connect Pods, please also make sure that the Connect Pods themselves do not exceed this distance.

Positioning along partition walls

Partition walls barely absorb Wi-Fi waves

Thanks to the permeability of partition walls, the Wi-Fi waves can be diffused 360 degrees and thus cover a significantly larger area.

It is therefore better to position your Connect Pods along partition walls as opposed to thick supporting walls.

Avoiding obstacles

Position the Connect Pods in a direct line of sight to each other

Massive walls or objects with their own radiation (e.g. microwaves or baby monitors) interfere with the Wi-Fi waves of the Connect Pods.

To avoid these obstacles, position the Connect Pods and your modem in a line of sight with each other.

The positioning of your modem also affects your Wi-Fi (WLAN) connection
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