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Tips & tricks for better Wi-Fi reception

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Are you experiencing a disruption?

First check whether there is a known outage before you despair at the state of your Wi-Fi reception.

Location & positioning of your modem

The location and positioning of your modem has a significant impact on the quality of Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

How to keep your modem happy:


Slightly elevated location

This will enable the Wi-Fi waves to simply glide over furniture and other obstacles.


Free-standing location

Your modem needs some personal space. Don’t hide it in cabinets or on shelves, and give the Wi-Fi waves space to unfold.


Facing into the room

The LEDs on your modem should face into the room.


In an upright position

Position your modem as instructed by the manufacturer.
Please do not place it on its side.

Things to avoid:


Locking away or hiding the modem

Don’t lock your modem away in a cabinet or storage room and don’t hide it in a back corner of a shelf either.


Positioning the modem in a corner

The Wi-Fi waves coming from your modem should be able to spread out over a 350-degree angle.


Laying the modem on its side

Position your modem as instructed by the manufacturer.
If you lay the modem on its side, the Wi-Fi waves will not be able to spread out properly.

Avoid sources of interference

Give your modem space to breathe!

Do not place the following devices near your modem:

  • Base station of a cordless phone

  • Baby monitor

  • Microwave

  • Bluetooth devices

  • Surveillance cameras

Select the right frequency

A frequency band refers to a particular frequency range within which signals can be sent.

Which frequency should you choose?
This depends on your device, its location and its usage.

2.4 GHz network:

  • Broad range

  • Relatively slow connection (e.g., for household devices with Internet access, normal surfing)

5 GHz network:

  • Low range

  • Fast connection (e.g., for streaming, video conferences)


Good to know for Connect Box customers

  • Both frequency bands – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz – are active at the same time on the Connect Box 1, Connect Box 2 and Connect Box 3. The modem selects the better frequency automatically.

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LAN instead of Wi-Fi

You will get the fastest and most stable Internet connection if you connect your computer to the modem using a network cable (Ethernet).

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