Installation instructions

Sunrise Internet Box



When installing Sunrise Internet for the first time, you will receive an activation confirmation via email or SMS as soon as the connection is activated.
However, if you already use Sunrise Internet and are only replacing your modem, you can simply proceed with the installation.


Find the perfect spot

  • Stand your box upright and install it as centrally as possible.

  • To ensure that you get the best overall reception, do not place the box in a cabinet or too close to an aquarium.

Video instruction

What you’ll need for a DSL connection

DSL cable
DSL wall adapter (option 1)
DSL wall adapter (option 2)
Power cable
LAN cable (CAT 5e)

What you’ll need for a fiber optic connection

Fiber cable
Fiber module
Power cable
LAN cable (CAT 5e)

If you are missing an item, please contact our support.


Step-by-step instruction
Plug in the power supply and switch on the box

Plug the mains adapter cable into the POWER connector on the rear of the Sunrise Internet Box and plug the other end into a power socket (wall socket or extension cable).

Switch on the Sunrise Internet Box by pressing the on/off button on the left side.


Please wait a moment – starting up the Sunrise Internet Box may take up to 2 minutes.

Connecting a DSL or fiber optic cable
Option 1: Connect the DSL cable

Plug one end of the DSL cable into the gray “DSL” port on the box. Plug the other end into the phone wall jack.

The plug of the DSL cable does not fit into the phone jack? Use one of the DSL wall adapters supplied.

Option 2: Connect the fiber optic cable

Remove the protective cap from the fibre module. Now plug the fiber module into the box.

Remove the protective caps from both ends of the fiber optic cable and open the cap on the fiber optic cable outlet (OTO socket). Plug the blue end of the cable into the fiber module and the green end into the port on the OTO socket indicated by Sunrise (1–4).

White LED will be lit up continuously as soon as the box is set up.

Plugged everything in? If the symbols light up as shown here, you’re now online.


This can take up to 10 minutes.

Connect devices

Please keep your WLAN password and network name (SSID) to hand. You will find both on the underside of the Sunrise Internet Box or on the sticker provided.

LAN cable
  • Plug the yellow LAN cable supplied into one of the 4 yellow connections (PORT1  PORT4) on the rear of the Sunrise Internet Box.

  • Plug the other end of the LAN cable into the LAN connection (Ethernet) of your computer.

Well done! You have successfully connected your Sunrise Internet Box!
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