Set up and use eSIM

The eSIM is your digital SIM card.
Learn how the eSIM works and how to order and set it up.

What is an eSIM and how does it work?

The eSIM replaces the physical SIM card and allows you to simply use other phone numbers with the same smartphone (dual SIM mode).
An eSIM chip is permanently integrated into your device and receives all the information you need from your eSIM profile.

How to order the eSIM

Are you already a Sunrise customer?

Then simply switch to eSIM in My Sunrise.

Are you about to become a Sunrise customer?

When you order online or in the Sunrise Shop, select the eSIM option.

How to set up your eSIM

a) With a self-install profile

With a self-install profile, you will automatically receive a message on your mobile phone and can easily install your eSIM profile.

You can find detailed instructions for your iPhone here

You can find instructions for your Samsung Galaxy here

b) With an eSIM Digital voucher profile

Scan the QR code on your digital or physical voucher to set up your eSIM profile.

Scan QR code

You will receive a printed voucher in the shop.

If you request your eSIM profile online, you will find the QR code in your My Sunrise customer account under SIM and Devices.

Here you will find the appropriate instructions for your mobile phone on how to activate the eSIM with a QR code

Problems with eSIM

Here you will find solutions to familiar problems with the eSIM.

You can download your eSIM profile again on the same device for free. Please use the eSIM voucher to do so.

If you have an eSIM Digital voucher, you can display the activation code (QR code) in My Sunrise again and then scan it.

Immediately block the SIM and eSIM profiles used on your device in My Sunrise.

When you start using a new mobile phone, you must transfer your eSIM profile to the new device.
You can simply transfer the mobile rate plan to the iPhone when you set it up for the first time.

Instructions for transferring the eSIM profile to the iPhone.

For Android devices, proceed as follows:

  1. Order a new eSIM profile in My Sunrise or in the Sunrise Shop.

  2. Scan the QR code with the camera on your new Android phone and tap Download.

  3. Delete the eSIM profile on your old Android smartphone in Settings.