Connect the Sunrise TV Box to the Connect Box via Wi-Fi

For an optimal connection, we recommend that you plug your Sunrise TV Box into the modem via a LAN cable

However, sometimes a Wi-Fi connection may still be recommended, for example if:

  1. Your TV Box is too far away from the modem.

  2. You do not have a LAN cable on hand.

If this or another reason applies, follow the steps below to establish a Wi-Fi connection.

Select the connection to your Connect Box

Go to the settings menu of your Sunrise TV Box and select «Network». Here, you can choose the connection type

Select Wi-Fi

Now select the option «Wi-Fi».

Select your network and enter your password

Select the desired Wi-Fi network and enter the password. (If the password has not been changed, you will find it on the bottom of the modem.)

Your Wi-Fi is now set up

Your Sunrise TV Box is now connected to the modem via Wi-Fi. If you would like to check your connection, click on «Diagnosis» and follow the next steps.

Self-diagnosis of your Sunrise TV Box

Your Sunrise TV Box initiates a self-diagnosis to measure the signal quality of your Sunrise TV Box.

Not completely satisfied with the signal strength? Then click on the link below to see how you can optimize your Wi-Fi:

Optimize Wi-Fi