Remote control for the Sunrise TV / IPTV Box

What are the functions on my remote control and how do I link it to the Sunrise TV / IPTV Box?

Notes on usage

Are you looking for the TV guide or do you want to know how to use the remote control via voice command? This section will tell you everything you need to know about the buttons on your remote control. 

In our support area, you will also find help on the following topics:

Details of your remote control
  1. TV set: 1a Switch on and off / 1b Mute / 1c Source (if paired with TV).
    Pair via: Settings —> Picture and sound.

  2. Sunrise TV: Switch Sunrise TV Box on and off.

  3. HOME / Menu: Access the main menu.

  4. Back to TV: Navigate directly to the live channel or to the last watched channel.

  5. TV guide: Access the TV listings including the Replay function.

  6. Navigation buttons: Navigate up, down, left, right and confirm with OK. Tip: By pressing down on the arrow buttons you can navigate more quickly and fast-forward or rewind.

  7. Back: Back to the previous step.

  8. Options: Call up information and options for the current or selected programme. Tip: You can also use this button to switch subtitles on.

  9. Voice search & control: By pressing the button and talking at the same time you can search for films & series, programmes or topics, or control your Sunrise TV Box. Tips for voice commands: Change channels, call up menus, navigate faster in the TV guide, fast forward and rewind or start programmes from the beginning.

  10. Record: Make a recording directly by pressing this button.

  11. Profiles: With the profile function you can create additional user or topic profiles and save channels lists and favourites lists.