Voice search and voice control for your Sunrise TV Box

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Voice search and voice control
With voice search and voice control, you can save yourself a lot of clicks and navigate in double-quick time. To use these features, press the VOICE button and talk to your Sunrise TV Box.
Voice search

Search for content

With the voice search function, you can easily and conveniently search for lots of different content:

  • Movies & series

  • Actors

  • Genres

  • Subject areas

  • Channels

  • Apps

Channel-hopping and changing channels

Hop to your favorite channels! You can use the voice search function to go straight to the channels you want – including channels such as SRF1, Rai1, Pro7, RTL, Nick Jr, MTV and many more.

Call up menus

Call up menu items and applications quicker:

  • Recordings

  • Watchlist

  • Radio

  • Settings

  • Apps such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Control your Sunrise TV Box with voice commands
  • Super-fast rewinding: Say «5 minutes forwards or backwards» while you are watching a Replay, OnDemand program or a recording.

  • Replay: The voice commands «watch from the start» & «start again» will restart the current program, recording or OnDemand content.

  • Navigate in the TV Guide: «Saturday, 20:00, Monday evening, last Wednesday».

  • Save programs for later: «Add to watchlist», «Record».

  • Activate subtitles with the voice command «Subtitles on/off».