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Sharing Netflix accounts – new policies from June 1, 2023

As of June 1, 2023, new rules for sharing Netflix accounts between households will apply. This is a decision by Netflix that is being implemented worldwide. We’ve put together all the key points for you here.

Sharing a Netflix account – what you need to know

A Netflix account can still be shared with members of the same household. To use Netflix, individuals who are not part of your household will have to create their own account as part of a profile transfer or be added to your account as an additional member at a cost of CHF 5.90 a month.

You can take out the Up TV XL Netflix subscription, but you can't take the additional members with you and they’ll be removed from your account automatically. They’ll then no longer have access to your Netflix account and will receive a message from Netflix explaining how to sign up for their own account. 

Members who open a new account can transfer a profile from an existing account to their new account. This includes recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games, settings and more. The customer receives a QR code that is displayed on the TV screen, and they can use it to transfer the profile online. To find out more, check out «Profile transfers» on the Netflix website.

More questions and answers

Sunrise UP TV XL includes the standard Netflix subscription.

If you’re using Sunrise We Home or Sunrise Home Unlimited and wish to add Netflix as an option, please proceed as follows:
1. Press the «Home button» on your remote control.
2. Open the Netflix app.
3. Create a customer account.
4. Select the payment method.

Go to the login page and reset your password by e-mail or SMS.

If you pay for Netflix monthly through Sunrise, you need to cancel via the Netflix website and for the Netflix billing period. Depending on when this period ends, it’s therefore possible that Netflix will be billed as usual on your next Sunrise bill.

If, on the other hand, your Netflix is included as an UP TV XL product, then your Netflix subscription will also be canceled when you cancel UP TV XL.

Please follow the instructions on the Netflix website.

Please contact the Netflix help center.

Yes. You pay the difference of CHF 6.– with your Sunrise phone bill. You will have to make any changes to the subscription on the Netflix website yourself.

1. Log in to My Sunrise.
2. Click on «My Products» and select the Sunrise subscription that includes Netflix.
3. Go to «TV Netflix» and then to «Details».
4. In the overview, click on «Forgot password/user name».