Internet, landline and TV

We now operate under a single brand: Sunrise.

We bring together the best of UPC and Sunrise in a compelling range of offers. To ensure that you can continue to enjoy your products and services to the fullest, we have compiled the most important information for you here.

What is changing?

As a thank you for your loyalty, we are offering you a more up-to-date and better product than your current tariff, which you have received from us by email. If you do not want this upgrade, you can simply decline it - you will then keep your existing product at the current price.

Going forward, you will also receive your bills from Sunrise. All previous amounts and credits will of course be transferred to your new bill. You can continue to use all your devices, which will automatically become Sunrise devices and will not need to be replaced.

What do I need to do?

After the switch, your Sunrise products will automatically appear in My Sunrise. In My Sunrise, you can view and pay your bills, manage subscriptions, change personal information and much more. To do this, please setup your user account.

Do you want to use the Sunrise TV app? Then, as a Sunrise customer, you need to ensure that you have a mobile number as your username. You will receive an email with further instructions after the switch date.

Here is a step-by-step explanation on how to do this:

At a glance
Same modem
Same Internet speed
Same e-mail address
Wi-Fi name and password unchanged
Same TV Box
Ongoing video on demand orders
Saved recordings
Landline settings
TV settings


Please make sure that you have watched all rented movies by the switch date, as they will expire afterwards. As a reminder, our movies and series are available for streaming for 48 hours after the rental has been confirmed by entering a PIN.

Frequently asked questions

If you want a new product, such as an upgrade, with the switch, the price may also change. You will find your future invoice amount in the customer communication that we have sent you directly - or at any time in your new My Sunrise customer account.

No, you need to create a My Sunrise customer account. Don't have access yet? You can register with just a few clicks.

You may still receive bills and/or payment reminders from UPC. Simply pay the outstanding amounts to UPC as before.

In the month of the switch, you will still receive your bill from UPC. The Sunrise products will be invoiced during the following month, regardless of the migration date. Usage costs will be invoiced either by UPC or Sunrise, depending on whether they were incurred before or after the switch. Usage costs that arise afterwards will always be billed in the following month.

We have automatically taken over the delivery and payment method of your previous bills from UPC, such as eBill or payment by direct debit.

Do you pay your bills via eBill? If you have set up personal eBill settings, in particular a permanent release, in your e-banking, please create them again for the Sunrise bills.

Do you pay your bills in e-banking? Please use the new payment details from Sunrise when paying the Sunrise bill via e-banking. Delete any standing orders and payment templates in favour of UPC.

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These settings may need to be reconfigured if necessary after the conversion. The voicemail function will no longer be available.

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