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    • Turn off auto-dimming by simultaneously pressing the Wi-Fi and DECT buttons. Repeatedly pressing both buttons at the same time toggles the brightness of the LEDs between three possible levels (bright, dimmed, off).
      • Press briefly (less than 2 seconds) to switch to pairing mode.
      • Press longer (more than 2 seconds) to switch to DECT pairing mode in order to pair your DECT phone.
      • Press briefly (less than two seconds) to turn the Wi-Fi function on or off.
      • Press longer (more than two seconds) to switch to easy pairing mode (WPS).
      • Press longer (more than ten seconds) until the TV LED light blinks to switch to easy pairing mode (WPS) with the new Sunrise TV Box UHD
    • This function enables automatic connections between WLAN devices without having to enter a password. Most Windows computers, Android smartphones and IP radios support the WPS feature. Apple devices do not support this function.
    • There are two ways to perform a factory reset on your Sunrise Internet Box 5G.

      1. witch on the router and press the reset mechanism with a pointed object (such as a needle). Stop once the power indicator starts flashing. After the restart, your router will have been reset to its factory settings.
      2. Log on to our web-based management site of the modem (, select Advanced > System > Reset and click on Reset. (Advanced > System > Reset)

      Important: This operation deletes the entire personalised configuration of your Sunrise Internet Box 5G: Password, Configuration, customized wireless settings, etc.

    • You have successfully started your Sunrise Internet Box 5G when one of the two LED indicators shown here (4G or 5G) and the Wi-Fi (WLAN) indicator are on permanently.

      You can connect your mobile device to your Sunrise Internet Box 5G via WPS by pressing the HI/WPS button (Wi-Fi protected set-up).

      • Green: strong signal
      • Yellow: medium signal
      • Red: weak signal
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