Activate parental controls for Sunrise TV

Sunrise TV Box / Sunrise TV app

You have the option of activating parental controls for your Sunrise TV products. This allows you to block the following actions until the correct PIN code is entered:

  • Watching certain programs/channels

  • Purchasing OnDemand content

Open the settings and click «Parental Control»

If you are doing this with the Sunrise TV Box, please enter your PIN code. If you are using the Sunrise TV app for this purpose, enter your My Sunrise password.

Set the desired age limit

Afterwards, the applicable programs/channels can only be viewed after entering the correct PIN code.

Important: The PIN code for parental controls is synchronized on the Sunrise TV app and the Sunrise TV Box. What this means: If you change the PIN code on the TV app, the change will automatically be applied to the Sunrise TV Box as well – and vice versa. However, the age settings for parental controls remain independent, i.e. you can select them individually for the TV app and TV Box.


If you want to change the PIN code, click «Change PIN» in the parental control settings and select a new PIN code. If you have never changed your PIN code before, the default code is 0000. In this case, we recommend that you change the default PIN code for a number combination of your choice.