Installation instructions

This section includes all the information you need to install your new Sunrise TV Box without hassle.

Video instruction

Important! Have you set up your modem yet?
To use your Sunrise TV Box, you first need to connect it to the Internet via your Connect Box 1 or Connect Box 2.
Internet installation instructions

Do you have everything you need?

Remote control
Aerial cable
LAN cable
HDMI cable
Power unit
Sunrise TV Box

If you are missing an item, please contact our support.


Important! Use the new cable for the installation

Even if your old aerial cable looks exactly the same as the one supplied, our cables are constantly upgraded. As a result, your old cable probably no longer meets our latest quality standards. It could also show signs of internal damage that may disrupt the smooth operation of your TV. Avoid signal loss or unnecessary hardware exchanges by installing your Sunrise TV Box using the new supplied cable.


Step-by-step instruction
Connect aerial cable

Plug the green end of the aerial cable into the wall socket and connect the blue end of the cable to your Sunrise TV Box.

2-hole socket
3-hole socket
Connect HDMI cable

Connect the HDMI cable to a free HDMI port on your television. Connect the other end to your Sunrise TV Box.

Plug in the power unit

Connect the power unit to your Sunrise TV Box. Plug the other end of the power cable into the socket.

Connect the Sunrise TV Box to the Internet
LAN option

Plug the LAN cable into the Internet connection port of your Sunrise TV Box and connect it to your Connect Box 1 or Connect Box 2.

Instructions for connecting via LAN
Wi-Fi option

You can find your Wi-Fi login credentials on the bottom of your modem.

Instructions for connecting via Wi-Fi
Turn on your TV

Select the correct HDMI channel and the welcome screen will appear.

Follow the on-screen guide to complete the installation.
Please note
  • Don't forget to activate the remote control by removing the plastic strip from the battery cover.

  • It can take up to 30 minutes until all channels are available.

Well done! You have successfully connected your Sunrise TV Box!
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