More about Netflix

Subscribing to Netflix couldn’t be easier. Use your Sunrise remote control to select channel 149 and launch the Netflix app. Once you’re connected to the app, select START FREE TRIAL MONTH and follow the instructions. You can also register online at

Already have a Netflix account? Once you have launched the Netflix app on your set-top box, select LOG IN. Simply enter your e-mail address and password to sign in and start streaming.

Discover award-winning Netflix original series, movies and documentaries recommended just for you. There are no commercials and you can pause, rewind, fast forward or re-watch the whole program as often as you like. It's really that easy!

Answers to the most frequently asked Netflix questions can be found at If you are unable to launch the app or are experiencing very poor picture quality, Sunrise will be more than happy to help.

Netflix streaming membership is required. There are no additional costs for using the Netflix app via the Sunrise TV Box.