Frequently asked questions about settings and logging in

To be able to use the new Sunrise UPC TV app, the following minimum operating system requirements apply:

iOs 12.1 (iPhone/iPad)

Apple TV OS 13.0 *

Android 6.0 (smartphone/tablet)

Android TV 5.0 *

Amazon Fire OS 5 *

* only available with a TV product with the Sunrise TV Box or the Sunrise IPTV Box.

If you are unable to log in, it could be because of one of the following reasons:

Sunrise UPC TV app login details not entered correctly

Please check whether you have entered your TV app login details correctly in the TV app at Important: If you enter incorrect login details multiple times in the app/at, access will be blocked after five failed attempts. If you have forgotten your Sunrise UPC TV app login credentials, you can request a new user name or password at To do so, click on «Forgotten user name or password».

Network disruption

Please check whether you are connected to the Internet. If you are, but the connection still does not work, you can visit to check whether there is currently a network disruption in your area.

Temporary disruption

There may be a temporary disruption to the app or the page. Please wait a few minutes and then try to log in again.

No Sunrise TV Box

In order to use the Sunrise UPC TV app with Apple TV, Android TV or Amazon Fire TV, you will need a Sunrise TV Box and a Sunrise TV subscription. If these requirements are not met, then you cannot log in.

In the settings, go to «Parental controls» and enter your Sunrise UPC TV app password. You can then set the age limit.

If you want to change your PIN, simply select the «Change PIN» option after clicking «Parental controls» and follow the instructions. The default PIN is 0000.

If you do not want to miss the beginning of a certain TV show, you can set a reminder so that your TV Box switches channels automatically when your desired program starts. You can set the reminder time in the settings.

Recommendations show you a selection of TV programs that might interest you based on your previous TV viewing behavior. You can activate or deactivate this function in the settings.

You can create a list of favorite channels for each profile. Select the desired profile in the settings, select «Channel list» and then sort your TV channels according to your interests. To add certain channels to the list or to delete them, simply click the desired channel and follow the subsequent steps.

If you would like to completely delete the channel list and use the standard channel list instead, select «Delete channel list for this profile».