Frequently asked questions about using the app

For legal reasons, some channels may not be watched live via the Sunrise UPC TV App.

While watching a program, you can click the action menu (button with three dots), select the «Subtitles» or «Audio» option and set the desired language.

If you are making the changes via your smartphone, click the speech bubble at the top of the screen and then select «Subtitles» or «Audio» to set the desired language.

Yes, but in order to comply with transmission and broadcasting rights, only the 240+ channels included in the Sunrise TV basic package can be viewed via the Sunrise UPC TV app while abroad.

The TV app can be used throughout Europe.

For legal reasons, the service option channels (like Premium Plus or Canal+) such as films and series on demand (Video on Demand) can only be viewed from within Switzerland.

The quality of delivery of these services in other European countries may differ from that which is available and applicable in Switzerland.

Please first check whether there is a network disruption in your area.

If there is no network disruption and your Internet connection is working, close the app by clicking «Force stop» and then restart it. If you are using a VPN service, the app will not work because we need to be able to verify that the Sunrise UPC TV App is being used from within Switzerland.


With the Replay function, you can watch programs that were broadcast on TV in the last 7 days. Simply click the Replay symbol or directly click the desired program to do so.


The Startover function allows you to watch programs that are currently being shown on TV but have already started. Simply go to the respective program and click «Watch from beginning» to watch it from the start.