Limited-edition skis to support young Swiss ski talents

A unique collaboration between Sunrise and Stöckli Ski: our strictly-limited skis in the exclusive Levada design, inspired by arguably the fastest ski-racing suit. Limited to only 64 pairs, these skis aren’t just really rare, but also an (or your) investment in the future of young Swiss skiers.

With every pair of Levada skis sold, support goes to Swiss ski talents, directly and immediately. Buying these skis won't just give you extra speed on the piste, it will also help ensure that Switzerland continues to produce the top speed champions on skis. Get this exclusive piece of history now and be part of an initiative that's supporting extra speed on the slopes and driving the future of Swiss skiing.

This ski is manufactured by Stöckli and is exclusively sold on Sunrise is the official main partner of Swiss Ski

The heroes of tomorrow

Get these unique skis now and join the movement that’s actively shaping and promoting the future of young Swiss skiers.

Thank you for 64 podium finishes

After an outstanding first season of the partnership between Sunrise and Swiss-Ski that resulted in 64 podium finishes, we’d like to say thank you. Thank you to all the ski fans, athletes, Swiss-Ski, our customers and everyone who shares our love of skiing. This Levada ski is our way of saying thank you to the entire ski community.

Levada skis

Our Levada skis are versatile all-rounders for every skill level, designed for everything from short to long turns. With its sleek racing sidewalls for direct power transfer and soft-wood core for comfortable skiing, it offers everything you could ask for in a piste ski.

Hit the slopes on Levada skis from Sunrise x Stöckli