Smart WiFi installation for your Connect Box

Instructions for installing Connect Pods for Connect Box modems

Three Sunrise Connect Boxes: CB1, CB2, and CB3/CB3 Fiber, standing side by side.

Smart WiFi package contents

Front view of the Connect Pod, Sunrise logo visible.

  • 1 x Connect Pod

If you are missing an item, please contact our support.


Step-by-step instructions
Plug the Connect Pod into a wall socket

The Connect Pod connects automatically. The pod does not need to be configured. Simply plug it into the power socket, and you’ll see a flashing light on the pod as it connects to your modem.

Connect Pod plugged into a wall socket in a living room.


Tips for positioning your Connect Pod

To get more information on the best way to position your Connect Pod, please click here.


Smart WiFi solution

The Connect Pod is part of a fully integrated Smart WiFi solution, along with your Connect Box modem, for boosting the WiFi signal. The pod communicates directly with your Connect Box modem to create a seamless mesh WiFi network throughout your home.

Check the connection

After a short time, the white light on the front of your Connect Pod will start to flash.

The automatic connection process can take up to ten minutes while the Pod configures itself.
A Connect Pod that lights up with a red frame around the illuminated area.


More LED signals

  • Slow flashing: The Connect Pod is trying to establish a connection to your network.

  • Continuous flashing: There seems to be a problem with your Connect Pod, please contact our support team.

As soon as your Connect Pod has established a connection, the light will turn off again.
Download Connect App (optional)

Connect App

The most convenient and easiest way to control your entire home network, including the Connect Pod, is to use the Connect App. Find out more

The Sunrise Connect Pod successfully installed and ready for use.
Fantastic, you’ve successfully connected your Connect Pod!

Best performance via an LAN connection

As the distribution box usually has a very negative impact on the WiFi signal, we recommend that you use the LAN/network wiring in your home to connect the Connect Pod so that the WiFi signal also extends throughout your home. Find out more

Tips for positioning your Connect Pod

An image showing a modem and a Connect Pod positioned 6 to 9 meters apart from each other.
Distance to modem

Position your Connect Pod close enough to your modem. If the Connect Pod is too far away from the modem, this will affect the signal strength.

That’s why we recommend positioning your Connect Pod no more than six to nine metres from your modem, ideally no further than one corridor or two rooms away.

If you’re using several Connect Pods, please also make sure that the gaps between each of the Connect Pods do not exceed this distance.

Picture of a room from above with walls showing how the pod should be placed to communicate with the modem.
Positioning along partition walls

Partition walls barely absorb WiFi waves. Thanks to the permeability of partition walls, the WiFi waves can be diffused 360 degrees and thus cover a significantly larger area.

It’s therefore better to position your Connect Pods along partition walls as opposed to solid external walls.

Picture of a room from above with walls showing how the pod should be placed to communicate with all devices.
Avoiding obstacles

Position the Connect Pods and modems in a direct line of sight from each other. 

Solid walls or objects with their own radiation (e.g. microwaves or baby monitors) interfere with the WiFi waves of the Connect Pods.

Image of a Connect Pod from the side with a pink background.
Order Smart WiFi/Connect Pod
Is your WiFi coverage not perfect yet? Order an additional pod for your home now.
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Frequently asked questions about Connect Pods

For your Connect Pod to communicate optimally with your Internet modem, the two should be no more than six to nine metres apart and no further than one corridor or two rooms away.

This is especially important if you have very solid or thick walls, in which case you may need to reduce the distance even further.
In general, you should position Connect Pods alongside partition walls, if possible.

You can check and optimise the WiFi speed via a home scan with the Connect app. Find out more

The number of Connect Pods you need depends on the size of your home:

  • Small apartment: < 70m² | < 3 rooms
    You do not need a Connect Pod for the modem.

  • Medium-sized apartment: 70 – 100m² | 4 rooms +
    You need one Connect Pod.

  • Large apartment or house: 100 – 150m²
    You need two Connect Pods.

  • Very large house: 70m² per floor
    You need one Connect Pod per floor.

Please note that the above information is intended as a guideline only.
Solid partition walls and angled rooms may result in the need for more Connect Pods.

An image of a house from the front with three levels, showing the distribution of Connect Pods on each floor.

The best option is to distribute your Connect Pods around your home, connecting one Connect Pod to the modem via a LAN cable.

Plug the Pod into a power socket where there is good WiFi reception. This allows the Pod to connect optimally to another Pod and boost the WiFi signal further.

Position the Pods as centrally as possible within your home. If your home has concrete floors or insulated walls, make sure your additional Pod is placed near the staircase. This will allow the Wi-Fi signal to reach the next floor via the staircase.

One possible reason is that you are not using enough Connect Pods for the size of your home.
One Connect Pod supplies approximately two rooms with optimal WiFi.

It's also possible that your Connect Pods are too far away from one another.
Is the LED light on one of your Connect Pods blinking?
In this case, it's not connected to your network. Position your Connect Pods at a maximum distance of six to nine metres apart.


  • You can check and optimise your WiFi speed via a home scan with the Connect app. Find out more

  • Tips and tricks for getting better WiFi reception are available here.

There are two possible reasons for this:
Either your Connect Pod is too far away from other Connect Pods or your modem, or the power supply is not working.

Please proceed as follows:

1. Ensure that your Connect Pod is not placed more than 9 to 13 metres away from other Connect Pods or your modem.

2. Next, please check whether your power socket is working properly by plugging in another device (e.g. a lamp).

3. If it is, plug your Connect Pod back into the socket. The LED light should now light up briefly and then start blinking. If this doesn’t happen, your Connect Pod is probably faulty. Please contact our support team to exchange your device.

You can manage your Connect Pods easily via the Connect app. Find out more

If you own a Connect Box 1, Connect Box 2, Connect Box 3 or Connect Box 3 Fiber:
Your TV Box will connect to the WiFi of the Connect Pods automatically.

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