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«Doctor Strange 2» with plenty of girl power

The sequel to «Doctor Strange» is unmistakeably the work of horror film director Sam Raimi. «Wanda Vision» star Elizabeth Olsen provesto be the most riveting character in the Marvel superhero epic. All the films featured can be accessed in the Sunrise On Demand Store.

Mohan Mani

July 27, 2022 . 3 minutes read

Creative differences were what led ultimately to «Doctor Strange» director Scott Derrickson’s replacement by horror filmmaker Sam Raimi in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He got straight to work – even adding references to the «Evil Dead» horror movie – and the result is one of the most riveting MCU characters in the form of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). But you can always rely on Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and the new warrior at his side (Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez) in «Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness». From 8.5.22.


Making movies out of games is always tricky. There are successes («Jumanji») and flops («Street Fighter», «Far Cry»). «Uncharted» is all about the interaction between the young bartender Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and the old treasure-hunter Victor «Sully» Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg). With so much pure adrenaline flowing right from the movie’s very start, it’s easy to overlook the relatively simple story of a quest for gold – «Zombieland» director Ruben Fleischer brings the treasure hunt to the screen with plenty of drive, casual buddy-movie humor and lots of location changes. Enjoy with a big bag of popcorn. Out now.

The Lost City

Yet another action comedy that relies entirely on the lead actors’ appeal. Sandra Bullock (as the kidnapped bestselling author) and Channing Tatum (as her cover-model rescuer) take the starring roles. The film makes the viewer think of classic eighties movie «Romancing the Stone». Their jungle trip is complemented by a crazy cameo by Brad Pitt as meditation guru Jack Trainer. It will have you roaring with laughter! From 4.8.22


This movie, the third to be directed by Karoline Herfurth, follows five very different women as they attempt to break free of their constant obsession with becoming perfect. Relationships are brought to life by a hand-picked ensemble cast including Nora Tschirner, Martina Gedeck, Friedrich Mücke and Joachim Król. «Wunderschön» should be seen as a feel-good comedy that also does justice to the theme it depicts – and it has a happy ending too.
From 18.8.22.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Come in «Doctor Strange 2» o in «Spider-Man: No Way Home» in cui viene celebrato il Multiverso, in questa commedia mozzafiato a base di arti marziali Michelle Yeoh incontra diverse versioni di sé stessa per salvare il mondo. Oltre a momenti di umorismo assurdo (parola d’ordine: due macigni...), gli spettatori si addentrano anche nella commovente storia di una famiglia di immigrati cinesi. L'interpretazione di Jamie Lee Curtis nel ruolo dell’odiosa funzionaria del fisco Deirdre Beaubeirdra vale di per sé la visione.


Top 5 July films

  1. Morbius

  2. The Batman

  3. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

  4. The Northman

  5. The Matrix Resurrections

Insider tips


The directorial debut of dog lover Channing Tatum is a declaration of love for his pit bull bitch Lulu, who died from cancer in 2018. In the movie, the star of «Magic Mike» plays former Army Ranger Jackson Briggs who has to drive a Belgian Shepherd to Arizona for her master’s funeral. Of course, the two can’t stand each other at first, but sooner or later they learn to get on. This may not be a new theme, but it is poignantly portrayed. And yes: Channing Tatum is and remains quite the eye candy. From 24.8.22

Notre Dame brûle

April 15, 2019: A fire breaks out beneath the roof of the historic cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, spreading to the entire roof at incredible speed. The consequences are devastating: The venerable old Parisian landmark is heavily damaged by the fire’s impact. French master director Jean-Jacques Annaud portrays the catastrophic blaze in detail. Very intense! From 28.7.22

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