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Sunrise Moments and Sunrise starzone – pure emotion

Thanks to a variety of partnerships, Sunrise is able to offer its customers unique benefits. Our latest treasure: the exclusive offers from Sunrise Moments and Sunrise starzone. These mean you can enjoy unforgettable experiences filled with pure emotion from the world of music and sports.

Eric W. Zeller

June 14, 2022 . 3 minutes read

Just another weekday in May. Thousands of fans have gathered outside the Hallenstadion in Zurich waiting to enjoy the concert by the Finnish rock band Sunrise Avenue. The images are the same as always: long queues, bag searches, then a tedious wait for the start of the gig. You can only pop to the food stands or toilets if you have friends to save your spot; otherwise, your prime vantage point will be gone by the start of the concert.

It’s a totally different and far more convenient experience for Sunrise customers who have secured their tickets including VIP passes for the Sunrise starzone Lounge. A separate side entrance takes you straight to the lounge without having to wait. You can pass the time until the concert starts with a welcome drink and all kinds of delicacies. Plus, pleasant lounge sounds and a relaxed atmosphere. You don’t need to make your way to your reserved seats in Switzerland’s largest venue until just before the show starts. An evening gig without the stress. A loyalty offer for all Sunrise customers; affordable and only available on the Sunrise Moments platform.

Collaboration with successful partners

Now Sunrise is taking what it has achieved with the TV channel My Sports – the Home of Hockey, Roger Federer, the best tennis player of all time and, most recently Swiss-Ski, one of Europe’s most successful sports associations – and bringing it to the world of entertainment: exclusive events and pure emotion for its customers. Collaborations with CH Media and the leading national streaming service «one plus» as well as with AG Hallenstadion, the operator of Switzerland’s largest and most important events venue, have just one goal: To offer experiences and content that are not available anywhere else in such a variety. Unforgettable «money can’t buy» experiences and emotions set Sunrise apart from the competition. Sunrise Moments and Sunrise starzone take the idea of being «not just there, but in the thick of it» to the next level. Once again, in cooperation with a successful partner: Ticketcorner, the leading platform for entertainment and sports tickets.

But what do these two programs mean for you as a Sunrise customer? One thing is for sure: a whole lot.

Sunrise Moments – exclusive benefits for music and sports events

  • Starzone music offer: Exclusive presale tickets, up to 48 hours before the official ticket launch, for over 150 music events every year.  

  • Up to 25% discount on festival tickets.  

  • Last-minute tickets for concerts that have already sold out.  

  • VIP access to the Sunrise starzone Lounge with unique views of the event, including an after-event bar at select concerts. Free tickets for concerts and festivals.  

  • Meet & Greets with music stars and backstage visits. 

  • Exclusive sports offer: Tickets for selected sports events such as ice hockey as well as MySports studio visits, MySports fan items and fan rarities. 

As a Sunrise customer, you can already benefit from all of these advantages. They are our way of saying thank you and are not tied to any other conditions. You can find all the information and the latest offers at

Sunrise starzone – up close and personal with your favorites

Sunrise starzone opens up a unique world with insights into the lives and work of Swiss and international music stars. The new online portal with the integrated «starzone studio», offers a whole load of content such as news, videos and podcasts from the music scene, all for free. One of the many unique features of starzone is the wealth of contributions from artists in the starzone studio. Musicians talk personally about topics that are close to their hearts and give insights into their work and life. Thanks to starzone studio, there will also be a community exchange between stars and their fans in the future. The Sunrise starzone Lounge welcomes you at a whole host of events with a separate VIP entrance, drinks and food and an intimate, relaxed atmosphere as you get ready for the upcoming gig.

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