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Gaming series: the best iOS games in June

For us gamers, June is somewhat of a second Christmas. And even though this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo was called off completely, there were still various live streams and announcements to delight gamers in its stead.

Beat Küttel,

July 22, 2022 . 5 minutes read

There was also plenty to see in terms of mobile gaming, which will hopefully bring us a great deal of fun in the future. But we don’t want to look too far ahead right now. Let’s focus on the newly released iPhone titles in this literally scorching month instead. Enjoy the top 5 iOS games in June 2022.

Fifth place: NETFLIX Poinpy

Category: Netflix and Play 

Developer: Netflix   

Apple: Download «NETFLIX Poinpy» from the App Store

Android: Download «NETFLIX Poinpy» from Google Play 

Do you have a Netflix subscription? Then you’re in luck: You can play «NETFLIX Poinpy» at no additional cost. The series and movie streaming provider is also venturing into our favorite hobby and has teamed up with the developer of the indie hit «Downwell» to create «Poinpy». What both games have in common is that they are very much driven by verticality. But while in «Downwell», you keep going downwards into a well shaft, in «Poinpy», the goal of the game is to get higher and higher. A fire-breathing beast is heating everything up underneath your feet, so you won’t need to hear the rules of the game twice. The controls are also easy to grasp, and in connection with its new and improved abilities as well as a colorful presentation, this title will win you over with an intuitive, yet exciting gameplay loop. Of course, for those who haven’t felt the need to sign up for a Netflix subscription so far, the somewhat pricy subscription is definitely not worth it just for this one game. But for the rest of you, we highly recommend giving «Poinpy» a try.

Fourth place: Loco Looper

Category: Turn by turn, rail by rail 

Developer: James Vanas     

Apple: Download «Loco Looper» from the App Store

Android: Download «Loco Looper» from Google Play


«Loco Looper» reveals its gameplay concept right in the title. Your goal is to merge train routes to form a closed loop – in other words, into a circle. That sounds extremely simple at first. And taking your first steps is actually quite easy, especially considering the compact design of the individual levels. Your task is basically to complete the route. But it is precisely the limited space combined with the increasingly tricky levels that quickly present a challenge. At some point, you’ll surely run out of space or fail to find the right section of rail in your inventory to complete construction. Then the only thing left to do is take a deep breath and calmly analyze what you have overlooked. Thanks to the fact that you can still move on with a bit of concentration and the pleasantly unique design of the game’s graphics, you won’t tire of «Loco Looper» very quickly. A definite recommendation for puzzle fans!

Third place: Hook 2

 Category: Black-and-white puzzler 

Developer: Rainbow Train  

Apple: Download «Hook 2» from the App Store

Android: Download «Hook 2» from Google Play


It’s always nice to see games that don’t resort to a bombastic presentation and instead simply rely on the gameplay to convince gamers. And that’s exactly what «Hook 2» does, with a simple but stylish black-and-white presentation to make sure you as a gamer can keep track of everything. The goal of the game is to unravel a structure by removing its hooks from one other in the correct order. Unlike in the first «Hook», you will be facing three-dimensional puzzles rather quickly, which might just leave your brain smoking. Other mechanisms, such as the ability to rotate certain parts of the hook structure, also help keep «Hook 2» engaging and entertaining. In any case, we enjoy the minimalist design, the sophisticated levels and the challenging yet relaxing gameplay without any scoring mechanisms.

Second place: Streets of Rage 4

Category: Beat-'em-up revival 

Developer: Playdigious  

Apple: Download «Streets of Rage 4» from the App Store

Android: Download «Streets of Rage 4» from Google Play


Classic gaming brands are on the rise. Whether sequel, remake, reboot or rerelease: Franchises like «Shadowrun», «Mega Man», «Final Fantasy» and many others are riding the wave of nostalgia. And even though this isn’t really a smartphone game, there’s something to celebrate for fans of retro beat ’em up games this month. «Streets of Rage 4», which has long been on the market for other platforms, is now also available for the iPhone and iPad. And we’re excited about this for two distinct reasons. Firstly, the SEGA series is associated with a lot of nostalgia; secondly, the fourth instalment snagged very good ratings on other platforms. Fortunately, the beat 'em up classic is also great on the iPhone and iPad – and comes with controller support! Just like in the good old days, straightforward gameplay and a successful presentation will meet all your expectations. You can choose from several fighters with different abilities, and once you’ve worked your way through the story mode, you can get ready for higher levels of difficulty, completely new modes and more challenges, such as a boss rush. With the level design and drive to improve your high score delivering some extra motivation, we can highly recommend «Streets of Rage 4» to every genre fan or passionate gamer.

First place: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Category: Release of a classic   

Developer: Capcom  

Apple: Download «Ace Attorney Trilogy» from the App Store

Android: Download «Ace Attorney Trilogy» from Google Play


The game that tops our rankings is in some ways a little unusual. App Store experts will rightly point out that «Ace Attorney Trilogy» has been available for iPhones and iPads for a few years now. That’s true, but the latest rerelease offers an improved HD presentation and has also been revamped in some other respects. The three included games are absolute classics and all follow the same pattern: You slip into the role of aspiring lawyer Phoenix Wright and have to rescue clients from seemingly hopeless situations. To do so, you start by investigating the crime scenes and then present the right evidence in the courtroom as you grill witnesses during the cross-examination. The crazy characters, truly gripping court proceedings and the many twists and turns in the total of 14 cases ensure hours of the best entertainment. Okay, it may be a spruced up rerelease, but those of you who aren’t familiar with «Ace Attorney Trilogy» yet should definitely get to know our courtroom hero right away. Amazingly entertaining and definitely our June 2022 iOS game of the month.

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