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Backstage with Sunrise Sponsoring

In the gym with Marco Odermatt and backstage with the most popular music acts of the day – is this what a normal day looks like for Gabriel Thomann, Head of Sponsoring & Events, at Sunrise? Our partner Athletes Network wanted to find out, and made a video featuring Gabriel.

Philipp Wälchli

December 6, 2023 . 2 minutes read

Athletes Network*, a Sunrise partner, has made a video featuring Gabriel Thomann. Gabriel leads the Sponsoring & Events team at Sunrise. Together with his team, he manages Sunrise starzone, the collaboration with Roger Federer, and the partnerships with the Hallenstadion and Swiss-Ski, where Sunrise has been a main partner since 2022. 

Zurich Openair with the Sunrise Rising Stars

The video shows Gabriel and his team accompanying the Sunrise Rising Stars to Zurich Openair. But who are the Sunrise Rising Stars? Sunrise is committed to supporting emerging Swiss snow-sports talent. The Sunrise Rising Stars programme offers assistance to young Swiss-Ski athletes. These talented sportspeople from all over Switzerland receive a one-year contract and individual sponsorship to further their development. This financial assistance enables young talents to take the next step in their promising career. In line with the Sunrise brand promise «Dream Big. Do Big.», the Rising Stars are encouraged and supported to have big dreams and achieve big things.

Thanks to Sunrise starzone, customers benefit from various advantages at selected concerts and music festivals such as the Zurich Openair. (Source: Athletes Network)

Gabriel’s team also manages Sunrise starzone. Thanks to this partnership, Sunrise customers enjoy priority and discounted tickets and access to exclusive lounges at selected music festivals and concerts. These include the SunIce Festival in St. Moritz, Openair St. Gallen, Zurich Openair and a number of gigs at the Hallenstadion and other locations in Switzerland.

Athletic qualities are valuable in business

Gabriel has been active in Turnverein Neuenhof since he was six years old and still spends two evenings a week there coaching a group of boys aged 11 to 12 in gymnastics. He’s keen to give something back to the club and to share his experience with the boys.

Twice a week, Gabriel Thomann trains a group of 11 to 12 year old boys from the Turnverein Neuenhof. (Source: Athletes Network)

As a former elite athlete, Gabriel brings with him key qualities that are also important in the business world: discipline, the ability to deal with pressure, reliability and a willingness to work hard to achieve a goal. Andreas Caluori, Senior Director Brand & Marketing Communications, agrees. He appreciates the modesty, consistency and enthusiasm with which Gabriel leads and coaches his team.

«‹Do it with passion› and I can put that into practice here every day»
Gabriel Thomann, Head of Sponsoring & Events, Sunrise

«I can realise my potential at Sunrise and I can be myself. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the same person at work as I am at home or at the gym. It’s really important to me to not have to pretend to be somebody I’m not. My motto is ‹Do it with passion› and I can put that into practice here every day,» says Gabriel.

For those who want to learn more about Gabriel Thomann and the sponsoring of Sunrise, here is the video of the story. (Source: Athletes Network)


*The Athletes Network

The collaboration between Sunrise and Athletes Network has been a huge success for three years now. The network supports athletes transitioning from an active career in sports to a successful professional career once their sporting days are over. Our own experience has shown that the skills developed by elite athletes are extremely valuable in business settings and offer considerable added value. Elite athletes don’t view critical feedback as judgement, but as an opportunity for improvement. They’re accustomed to receiving criticism from their coaches and even rely on it to improve, which makes them very attractive for prospective employers.

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