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VoD tips: Super Mario revs it up!

Just a few weeks after its release in theaters, the hit animated movie «Super Mario Bros.» is coming to the Sunrise VoD store – along with other cool movies that promise the best entertainment.

Mohan Mani

June 5, 2023 . 3 minutes read

Game action in «Super Mario Bros.»: In the VoD store from June 22

30 years after the live-action movie flopped, Nintendo now serves up a fun animated movie that will inevitably rekindle old memories of the game among Super Mario fans. The plot doesn’t need much explaining, but the way it’s portrayed is colorful, wonderfully playful and perfectly paced. When Brooklyn plumber and his brother Luigi really rev it up, even the evil Bowser runs out of tricks.

DC heroes in «Shazam! Fury of the Gods»: in the VoD store from June 29

In this DC comic-book superhero sequel, Billy Batson and his foster siblings have to unite to fight the all-powerful daughters of Titan Atlas. They want to destroy Earth with a powerful magic staff. This comic-book sequel features lots of computer tricks, but it’s much bigger, louder and more action-packed than the first movie.

Gerard Butler in «Plane»: in the VoD store from June 7

In this action thriller, Gerard Butler is a pilot who’s forced to land his storm-damaged plane in a war zone and then rescue his 14 passengers from the clutches of rebels. Former fighter in the French Foreign Legion Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter) is there right on cue to assist him. The story may be simple, but the way it’s portrayed as an old-school action movie is very effective. The very sight of a plane crashing will fill some people scared of flying with fear and dread. And yes, Gerard Butler’s still a reliable action star.

Finding Identity in «Oskars Kleid»: in the VoD store from June 8

Florian David Fitz stars as a single father whose life is turned completely upside down when his child comes out as a trans girl. Although the subject could have been depicted comically, here it’s so dramatic that it’ll really move you to tears right to the very end. The script manages to get by without any overstated drama or trite humor though. Brilliant!

Killer bear in «Cocaine Bear»: in the VoD store from June 29

In this darkly comic thriller inspired by real-life events, a black bear ingests a large quantity of drugs and then causes mayhem among the people who cross its path. Director Elizabeth Banks is on to a winner from the very start and has created a funny genre movie featuring the late «GoodFellas» star Ray Liotta in his very last movie role: not the best, but not a flop either.

Insider tips

Russell Crowe in «The Pope's Exorcist»: in the VoD store from June 22

In 1986, Italian priest Gabriele Amorth became the exorcist of the Diocese of Rome – he was akin to the Pope’s personal exorcist. Russell Crowe plays this man, who’s summoned to perform an exorcism that embroils him in an ancient conspiracy. – It’s not a reinvention of the genre, but thanks to Mr. «Gladiator» it’s highly entertaining.


Femicide in «La nuit du 12»: in the VoD store from June 22

At some point in their career, every murder investigator is confronted by a case that changes them forever, according to the cops in this French crime drama. At some point, there’ll be a murder that almost breaks an investigator. For Yohan (Bastien Bouillon), the murder of Clara is this very case. The movie masterfully combines elements of documentary and fiction and deliberately leaves some questions unanswered.

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