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VoD tips: the trolls are back!

«(S)trolling» into the new year: «Trolls Band Together» isn’t just about wedding preparations, it’s about reviving an old boy band too.

Mohan Mani

January 4, 2024 . 3 minutes read

«Trolls Band Together» – a fun cartoon: available in the VoD store from 4 January

Even the soundtrack to «Trolls Band Together» will have music fans swooning. That’s because the boyband *NSYNC has contributed its first new song in over 20 years to the soundtrack. They’re lending their pop voices to the famous boyband BroZone and conjuring up the heyday of Branch, who’s finally in a relationship with Poppy. Together, they’re looking forward to Bridget and Gristle’s forthcoming royal wedding. – The latest addition to the «Trolls» series promises colourful, musical fun.

Spooky suspense in «The Nun II»: available in the VoD store from 1 January

Four years have passed since Sister Irene’s (Taissa Farmiga) last creepy encounter with Valak, the demon who appears in the form of a nun. Now, in the year 1956, she’s completed her education and lives in rural France. But in the small town where she teaches at a boarding school, things don’t stay quiet for long. – An intensely haunting horror-film sequel for fans of the «Conjuring» universe.

Liam Neeson in «Retribution»: available in the VoD store from 31 January

In this action thriller, Liam Neeson is investment banker Matt Turner, who’s driving his two children to school when it turns out there’s a bomb hidden in his car. Can they get out? Not allowed! – This recent remake of the original 2015 Spanish action film builds on the charisma of Oscar winner Liam Neeson, who makes another appearance with Embeth Davidtz, his co-star from «Schindler’s List». Thrills guaranteed!

John Cena in «Freelance»: available in the VoD store from 3 January

In this action comedy, former Special Forces soldier Mason Pettis (John Cena) is there to protect journalist Claire Wellington (Alison Brie) while she interviews South American dictator Juan Arturo Venegas. Caught in the midst of a military coup, they’re forced to flee into the jungle. – An action-packed odyssey by «Taken» director Pierre Morel. Instead of setting the story in a real South American country, the film takes place in the fictional state of Paldonia.

Josh Hutcherson in «57 Seconds»: available in the VoD store from 10 January

Tech blogger Franklin (Josh Hutcherson) is still struggling with his sister’s drug-related death. When he foils an assassination attempt on tech mogul Anton Burrell (Morgan Freeman), he finds a mysterious ring at the scene of the crime that gives its wearer the ability to jump 57 seconds into the past. At first, Franklin wants to use the ring for his own personal vendetta, but soon he finds himself caught up in a dangerous plot. – Well-made sci-fi action.

Insider tips

Sparks fly in «Die Unschärferelation der Liebe»: available in the VoD store from 1 January


Based on Simon Stephenson’s play «Heisenberg», director Lars Kraume takes us deep into a love story that blossoms unexpectedly between two people who are polar opposites. Alexander (Burghart Klaussner) is a butcher and a fastidious man who loves his rules and routines. School secretary, Greta (Caroline Peters), on the other hand, is spontaneous and impulsive by nature. Both of them are lonely and looking for love. They find each other at a bus stop. – Brilliantly portrayed relationship story. Even the film’s intro music, representing the main character, is wonderful.

Want more entertainment without commercial breaks? From December 21, we are exclusively offering you the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Extended Version) Premium VoD title. You can enjoy the concert of the famous artist from the comfort of your own home.These and many other VoD highlights will be available soon in the Sunrise VoD store.

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