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VoD tips: An action-packed summer with cult monsters

When radioactive lizard Godzilla meets giant gorilla Kong, you can expect a battle of the beasts in your home cinema: «Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire» will be available soon in the Sunrise video-on-demand store. 

Mohan Mani

July 1, 2024 . 3 minutes read

Monster action in «Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire» – available in the VoD store from 11 July

In Adam Wingard’s «Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire», we get a monster spectacle with brilliant special effects. These two ancient titans meet again and confront their roots. The raucous action flick is the 38th film in the long-running «Godzilla» franchise. It’s also the 13th «King Kong» edition and the fifth addition to what’s known as the MonsterVerse. In any case, action-packed monster fun is guaranteed. 


Black humour in «Wicked Little Letters» – available in the VoD store from 11 July

In this British crime black comedy, obscene anonymous letters plague the residents of a small seaside town in the 1920s. The town’s women try to unveil the secret of who penned these mysterious messages. – Alongside Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley, Timothy Spall offers an impressive performance in the role of the father. In Switzerland, the film premiered at last year’s Zurich Film Festival. 

Ryan Gosling in «The Fall Guy» – available in the VoD store from 17 July

Who doesn’t know the eponymous 1980s series «The Fall Guy»? – Lee Majors played the lead role of Colt Seavers – Hollywood stuntman by day and bounty hunter by night – for five seasons (113 episodes). «John Wick» director David Leitch has turned the show into a state-of-the-art action comedy, with burnt-out stuntman Ryan Gosling trying to save his ex-girlfriend’s (Emily Blunt) film. 

Big feelings in «IF: Imaginary Friends» – available in the VoD store from 29 July

In this heartwarming fantasy comedy, young Bea (Cailey Fleming) discovers that she can see the imaginary companions of the people around her and befriends her unusual neighbour (Ryan Reynolds). The film’s title «IF» refers to imaginary friends who could have come straight from Pixar’s animation school. There’s no question about it: the Hollywood dream factory was made for passionate, emotional kitsch films just like this one! 

Eternal friendship in «Autumn and the Black Jaguar» – available in the VoD store from 31 July

Autumn (Lumi Pollack) grew up in the Amazon rain forest and thinks of the black jaguar Hope as her best friend. When her father Saul (Paul Greene) decides to leave the rain forest after her mother’s death, Autumn’s world falls apart. What happens next? – This family film skilfully oscillates between suspense, drama and comedy. And the central theme of a friendship draws you in again and again.  

Insider tips

Secondos in «Echte Schweizer – My Swiss Army» – available in the VoD store from 18 July 

Switzerland in 2021. Saad from Fribourg makes his way to the barracks in Bure. In Zurich, Thuruban packs his army gear – and Andrija also puts on his uniform. Like many others, Saad, Thuruban and Andrija are naturalised Swiss citizens, so-called «secondos», serving in the military. But can someone with a different skin colour, a different religion or the wrong name truly be Swiss? – Great Swiss film about the search for identity that will give you something to think about. 


Bloody ballerina in «Abigail» – available in the VoD store from 10 July 

A touch of «From Dusk Till Dawn»: in this spooky thriller, criminals kidnap the daughter of a powerful gangster boss. But 12-year-old ballerina Abigail (a powerful performance by Alisha Weir) proves to be more trouble than they’d bargained for. We won’t reveal more just yet. – Bloody reinterpretation of «Dracula’s Daughter». 


Amy Winehouse in «Back to Black» – available in the VoD store from 18 July 

Even as a teenager, Amy Winehouse loves to sing. In the early 2000s, she makes her first appearances in London’s clubs around Camden. Her extraordinary voice and talent soon draw the attention of both fans and talent scouts and her career takes off. But while breaking records with her albums, she also faces problems with addiction. – British actress Marisa Abela sang all the Amy Winehouse songs herself to be even more authentic in the role. Amazing! 

Want more entertainment without the ads? These and many other Video-on-Demand (VoD) highlights will be available soon in the Sunrise VoD store under «Movies and series». 

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