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VoD tips: Emma Stone in «Poor Things»

At the Zurich Film Festival, Emma Stone garnered plenty of praise from critics and audiences alike for her highly erotic, but also unsettling arthouse film «Poor Things». The movie will be available in the Sunrise Video-on-Demand store soon.

Mohan Mani

March 1, 2024 . 3 minutes read

Emma Stone in «Poor Things»: available in the VoD store from 19 March

«Frankenstein» revisited – Willem Dafoe’s disfigured Dr Godwin Baxtor breathes new life into the deceased Bella (Emma Stone). Soon she heads off into the world and even discovers her own sexuality. – The journey of self-discovery has been enriched with strong visuals and impressive sceneries by director Yorgos Lanthimos («The Lobster») and screenwriter Tony McNamara («Cruella»). The result is an unsettling adult fairytale that won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Timothée Chalamet in «Wonka»: available in the VoD store from 21 March

In this prequel to «Charlie and the Chocolate Factory», «Dune» star Timothée Chalamet assumes the role of the magical confectioner Willy, who, despite facing plenty of resistance, wants to open his first chocolate shop. – Paul King, director of «Paddington 1 & 2», pulled out all the stops for this musical and sentimental oeuvre to turn this confectioner’s story into a comical, tragical and musically enthralling treat for audiences. Bon appetit!

Disney magic in «Wish»: available in the VoD store from April

17-year-old Asha lives in the kingdom of Rosas off the Iberian peninsula. Her homeland is known as the «kingdom of wishes», but it’s up to King Magnifico to decide which wishes will ultimately come true. When Asha begins to uncover the truth and faces his wrath, she sends a passionate wish to the stars and heads back to face the ruler with her pet goat. – Fairytale magic to mark the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney Studios. Fans will be eager to get their hands on it.

Car cult in «Ferrari»: available in the VoD store from 14 March

Nowadays, Ferrari is a name associated with the highest status within the automotive industry. Italian race driver and entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari (Adam Driver) is the man who led the brand to success. Michael Mann’s detail-rich biopic tells the story of his rise, but also defeats, such as at the Mille Miglia. – A far cry from the U.S. production «Ford vs. Ferrari».

Birds of passage in «Migration»: available in the VoD store from 7 March

In this animated film, a family of ducks convinces their overprotective father to go on a holiday unlike anything they’ve experienced before – and so the adventurous bird migration begins. – The script written by «The White Lotus» creator Mike White boasts a brilliant premise as well as skilful cinematic implementation. A perfect family film through and through.

Insider tips

HSG students in «The Driven Ones»: available in the VoD store from 1 March


For five long years, documentary filmmaker Piet Baumgartner accompanied five business students of different nationalities at the University of St. Gallen. They’re about to embark on big careers in which money and power play an even bigger role. The director asks them about their dreams and visions. Are they really tomorrow’s captains of industry? – The documentary offers exciting insights into today’s graduates.


Frederick Lau in «One for the Road»: available in the VoD store from 7 March


In the very first scene, construction manager Mark from Berlin (an impressive performance by Frederick Lau) loses his driving licence when he’s caught driving under the influence. His best friend Nadim makes a bet with him, challenging Mark to avoid drinking a single drop of alcohol until he gets his licence back. But Mark finds it surprisingly difficult. Could Helena (Nora Tschirner), a teacher, help him achieve his goal? – Great tragicomedy from the team that made «25 km/h».


Want more entertainment without the ads? These and many other VoD highlights will be available soon in the Sunrise VoD store.

Want more entertainment without commercial breaks?
These and many other VoD highlights will be available soon in the Sunrise VoD store.

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