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VoD tips: Jason Statham at his hard-hitting best

In «The Beekeeper», action star Jason Statham shows off his best side: cool, daring, determined, and a man of few words – available as a Video-on-Demand title in the Sunrise VoD store soon.

Mohan Mani

May 2, 2024 . 4 minutes read

Jason Statham in «The Beekeeper» – available in the VoD store from 1 May

To Bee or not to Bee – unlike some disappointments he’s starred in, Jason Statham’s latest hard-hitting, but also wonderfully ironic one-man show is a thoroughly entertaining return to form. The soundtrack alone, with its heaps of broken bones, furious fist punches and guns galore, is sure to pack a punch in your home cinema as well. The story is... solid proof that the good old «Death Wish» blueprint still works if you’ve mastered the recipe for success, with some of the film’s snappy one-liners feeling like they could’ve been lifted straight from the 80s.

Reggae beats in «Bob Marley: One Love» – available in the VoD store from 13 May

With songs like «Three Little Birds» and «No Woman, No Cry», Bob Marley (Kingsley Ben-Adir), along with his voice and his guitar tunes, have gone down in music history. But his journey to stardom wasn’t without its obstacles and setbacks because not everyone who heard his message of peace liked what they were hearing. – This masterful musical drama by Reinaldo Marcus Green depicts Marley from his rise to fame through to his untimely death in 1981.

Comic-book action in «Madame Web» – available in the VoD store from 16 May

Cassandra «Cassie» Webb («50 Shades of Grey» star Dakota Johnson) is a Manhattan paramedic. But an unexpected event turns her from an everyday hero into a super hero when she acquires an ability that seemingly enables her to see into the future and make events that end badly for her turn out alright – an origin story to Sony’s «Spider-Man» universe that’s an amusing adventure right from the word go.

«The Color Purple», the new musical hit – available in the VoD store from 23 May

This gripping musical adaptation of Alice Walker’s novel tells the story of African-American Celie (Fantasia Barrino), who has countless obstacles and setbacks to overcome in her life in the early 20th century. – The book was first adapted for film by Steven Spielberg in 1985, with Whoopi Goldberg in the leading role. Oprah Winfrey, who played the role of Sofia in the first adaptation, returns here for a guest appearance as a midwife.

Milli Vanilli in «Girl you know it’s true» – available in the VoD store from 1 May

Based on true events, Simon Verhoeven tells the story of one of Germany’s biggest music scandals. The success of the duo Milli Vanilli comes to an abrupt end when it’s revealed that the two golden boys Robert Pilatus (Tijan Njie) and Fabrice Morvan (Elan Ben Ali) don’t actually sing any of their songs themselves. The film title is also the name of Milli Vanilli’s second album, which made it to number one in the US charts in 1989. Don’t miss out!

Insider tips

Pierce Brosnan in «The Last Rifle Man» – available in the VoD store from 29 April


Former James-Bond-star Pierce Brosnan has certainly aged – as Irish WWII veteran Artie Crawford , he takes matters into his own hands when he escapes from his care home in Northern Ireland to take part in the 75th anniversary celebrations of D-Day in France. But the journey also becomes a confrontation with his own past. – A great, warm-hearted emotional drama.

Strong women in «Drive-Away Dolls» – available in the VoD store from 23 May


Jamie (Margaret Qualley) regrets breaking up with her girlfriend, while Marian (Geraldine Viswanathan) longs to finally be able to relax a little. The pair of them decide to make a fresh start and set off on a road trip to Tallahassee – but things quickly get out of hand. – A raucous road-trip comedy by Ethan Coen; for once without his brother Joel.


Intimate moments in «Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry» – available in the VoD store from 31 May


48-year-old Etero (played by Eka Chavleishvili) enjoys her life alone and husband-free. Her unconventional outlook feeds plenty of gossip in her small home village in Georgia. But when she unexpectedly falls in love with a man, she has to decide whether to remain independent or take the plunge into a relationship. – Haunting relationship-themed drama by Georgian director Elene Naveriani («Wet Sand»).


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