Open Internet

Sunrise strives to always provide its customers with the Internet speed (Internet bandwidth) they have paid for. However, for quality assurance reasons as well as security, certain prioritization and traffic management measures that may have an impact on Internet speed are necessary. Here we wish to inform you about this as openly as possible.

To what extent do you share the capacity of your Internet connection with managed services, and what services does this involve?

The Internet Protocol (IP) is a data transmission technology that is now used to transmit not only Internet services but also phone calls (VoIP) and television (IP TV), among other services. This means that all services transmitted with this IP technology share the capacity of your connection.

To ensure that the Sunrise services you have subscribed to (Internet, phone and/or television) work smoothly even under high and simultaneous load, we prioritize them accordingly. The impact on your Internet speed is usually minimal and therefore barely noticeable.

Internet speed via mobile telephony (including Voice over LTE) also depends on several factors. One factor is your surfing behavior (browsing, streaming, downloading, etc.). Other important factors include topography, network coverage, distance to the transmission tower, signal strength inside/outside buildings, the mobile phone you use, and the number of customers who are simultaneously using the same antenna.

What types of traffic management measures does Sunrise use?

Sunrise uses traffic management measures to enforce the contractual usage options and limits such as available bandwidth, to guarantee managed services, to avoid temporary network congestion, and to prioritize services in case of temporary network congestion.

Traffic management measures can also be used to protect the network and connected devices from damage, from excessive use of mobile phone services, and as a consequence of carrying out legal obligations.

With mobile phone plans, the Internet speed is reduced to 128 kbit/s, depending on the plan, as soon as the data volume included in the plan has been used up. For utilized data volumes that are not charged against the high-speed data volume included in the corresponding rate, please consult the relevant product descriptions. These are only carried out with the customer’s prior express consent.

Sunrise does not use other traffic management measures. In particular, Sunrise does not slow down protocols (such as P2P) or selectively restrict or block streaming services. If you want to establish an Internet connection via your mobile phone and the mobile phone network for a PC, laptop or tablet (tethering), we will not specifically restrict or block this either.

How can I find out if there are any network disruptions?

For information on current disruptions and maintenance work, please consult our website or contact our customer service.