Roger Federer

A collective thank you for 24 years of tennis history

We want to honor Roger Federer’s unique career – with a tribute from all of Switzerland. Send us your unforgettable Federer moment by voice message, text or picture to Roger’s number and be a part of this tribute.


Rogers Number:

076 333 37 37

Every person who sends a picture or message hereby declares that they have the necessary rights or the consent of the persons who can be identified in the picture or heard in the message, that the picture and/or the message, including the abbreviated name of the sender (first name and abbreviated last name, e.g., John D.), may be modified and used at will, without any costs, locally, objectively and temporarily unrestricted by Sunrise or by companies commissioned by Sunrise, in particular for commercial purposes.

Federer und Sunrise: A successful double for the past eight years

The 20-time tennis Grand Slam Champion Roger Federer has been the brand ambassador for Sunrise since 2014. With his positive nature and drive to achieve top performance, he is the perfect embodiment of the Sunrise brand values. We are very proud to be working with the best Swiss athlete of all time and look forward to successfully capitalizing this long-standing partnership in future too.