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Mobile subscriptions for kids

Unlimited surfing and calling in Switzerland and Europe, or do you only need to reach certain numbers? No matter what you are looking for, with Sunrise Fresh you will find it. With all Sunrise Fresh subscriptions, there are also great extras on top, such as the Half-Fare Travel Card at half price!

Add a Smartphone to the Mobile subscription for your child

Simply click on "Combine with smartphone" in the overview above and select the device that matches the subscription. On the following page, you can easily select the payment installments: Everything is possible between 24 months and immediate purchase.

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Frequently asked questions

Whether your child needs his or her own mobile subscription depends on how much he or she already travels alone and how important it is for you to stay in touch. There is no fixed guideline for when a child needs a mobile subscription. It's best to discuss together which functions and which scope are needed.

That depends a lot on the age and needs of the child. It's best to discuss together which functions the device must have and why. By the way: All Sunrise Up Fresh subscriptions also include all-round device protection. This ensures that the expensive device is also protected against damage in the event of carelessness.

Sunrise Fresh subscriptions are aimed at anyone under 30 and come with exciting additional benefits that remain valid after the age of 30 if the contract is not cancelled.

Many parents worry that their children will incur huge costs when they get their first cell phone. We recommend educating children early on about what they are allowed to do with their unlimited subscription and what is better not to do.


In addition, at Sunrise we offer several ways to hedge costs. For example, you can block chargeable services and set a monthly limit for additional costs. Paid services such as in-app purchases and roaming can also be turned off in most cell phones.

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