Give your Samsung reliable protection from the dangers that can lurk in hectic everyday life - with the scratch- and impact-resistant screen protector from PanzerGlass™. With its high drop protection, this tempered protective glass protects your smartphone like a discreet airbag from annoying scratches, cracks or breaks if it ever bumps into sharp edges or falls onto hard ground.

The smudge-proof and dirt-repellent surface coating reduces annoying fingerprints, has a strong antibacterial effect and eliminates up to 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria.

So that you can unlock the display quickly and securely via fingerprint, the protective glass is 100% compatible with the fingerprint scanner.

The ultra-wide fit model covers the entire display protectively, giving you a complete and crystal-clear view of the contents and leaving enough space for a matching protective case. The PanzerGlass™ screen protector is easy to install. The "EasyAligner" installation aid helps you to fit the glass accurately, easily and on the first try. Afterwards, you'll be glad you clicked "add to cart", because if your smartphone should really fall to the ground, you can enjoy the relaxed feeling of safety.

  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S23+