Galaxy S10 Lite: professional-quality camera
The new Galaxy Lite models offer a range of camera functions. The Galaxy S10 Lite, which comes with an ultra wide-angle and macro camera in addition to the wide-angle camera’s new action cam video stabilizing (OIS) function, allows users to capture touching moments in brilliant quality. In Super Steady mode, the optical image stabilizer ensures greater stability when taking action-oriented pictures and videos, allowing users to share their experiences live and in uncompromising quality.The ultra wide-angle camera has a 123-degree lens, an angle which approximates the range of the human eye. The smartphone’s high-resolution front camera and bright multiple main camera capture the finest details in the crispest quality.

Galaxy Note10 Lite: be productive – anytime and anywhere
With the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite and the S Pen, users can be much more productive. Boasting Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) support, a simple click on the S Pen allows users to navigate through a presentation, control video content, and take pictures. S Pen commands thereby enable quick and easy access to the characteristic S Pen features. It’s really easy to capture thoughts and ideas, thanks to the high-performance yet easy-to-use Samsung Notes app.