Up to 4 days battery life

Feel free and independent, with a battery life of up to 4 days. Up to 28 hours capacity in GPS mode, and up to 4 hours call time.

Always connected thanks to eSIM

With the help of LTE connectivity, you are always connected to the internet and can be contacted wherever you are.

Timeless design

Traditional design in two different sizes and three different colours. Personalise your Galaxy Watch to suit yourself -  you can choose from a massive range of straps, dials with 3D effect and different ticking tones.

Intelligent timekeeper

With the Galaxy watch, you have all your important appointments and reminders to hand at all times. If you’re travelling, there’s no need to worry about time differences - the Galaxy watch adjusts to the time zone automatically. Morning and evening briefungs give you an ideal summary of all the information you need.

Automatic fitness and wellness tracking

Daily activities, quality of sleep and levels of stress are automatically registered and displayed. Keep your motivation at a high level, and feel liberated and balanced at all times.