Monthly price (CHF) 7.70

Monthly price (CHF) 7.70 Select

Rate details
  • Pay via Sunrise bill You pay the SBB Half-Fare in 12 monthly installments through the bill of your Sunrise Freedom Young plan
  • 50% discount on your half-fare travelcard Sunrise Freedom Young will take care of half of the cost of your half-fare travelcard
  • Total costs per year Overall you pay 92.50 instead of 185.– for your one-year Half-Fare

More information

    • Sunrise Fresh Mobile subscriptions.

      Only for customers who bought the Half-Fare for the first time or already had a Half-Fare subscription and have not extended.

    • 12 months

      The option automatically expires after 12 months and is not renewed. The option can be cancelled at any time during the duration period free of charge with corresponding cost consequences for the half-fare subscription (see below).

    • With this option, the half-fare subscription is paid off in 12 monthly installments through your Sunrise bill. No down payment necessary. The installments are charged on your monthly subscription bill.

      This way the purchase price of the half-fare subscription is only 50% of the normal price. The financing is free of interest and fees.

    • Customer is between 25 and 29 years old.

      An existing Sunrise Fresh Mobile subscription must be active for the entire option duration of 12 months. If the option is cancelled prematurely, the remaining value of the half-fare subscription must be paid out at full price. See below for more information.

      Only for customers who bought the Half-Fare for the first time or already had a Half-Fare subscription and have not extended.

    • Customers who already have a new half-fare option will be reimbursed by SBB for the remaining value of their half-fare subscription. After that, they will receive a new subscription at a 50% discount. 
    • After registering with Sunrise, a voucher will be sent to you by post. The half-fare subscription can be purchased at any SBB service desk with the voucher you receive from Sunrise. 
    • The 50% discount on the half-fare subscription is invalid by early cancellation of the option or cancellation of the Sunrise Fresh Mobile subscription. In this case, the customer must immediately pay the total value of the remaining normal price of the half-fare subscription until the end of the option's duration (double the monthly payment per month).

      For example:
      The monthly installments for the half-fare subscription without a discount amount to 2 x CHF 7.80 = CHF 15.80. If the half-fare option is cancelled after seven months, this results in a remaining amount of 5 x CHF 15.80 = total of CHF 79.—.

    • When you reach 29 years of age, the option is automatically cancelled and the payment for the remaining amount is due, even if the customer is transferred to another mobile subscription.

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