Pay only for the days when you actually use your mobile phone

With the travel day pass, you have full cost control abroad and will never pay more than CHF 5.00/day. Once you have used up the included data volume, additional data usage will be blocked in order to control costs. And you only pay for the days when you actually surf the Internet, send SMS messages, or make calls while abroad. Of course, you can purchase additional roaming options to have more data volume.

How does the travel day pass work?

  • If the option is installed, then it will be automatically activated the first time calling services (incoming or outgoing call, SMS or MMS) or mobile Internet are used abroad, and the usage charge will be billed at the same time.

    For example: The travel day pass option is installed. The first use abroad is at 9 a.m.; the option is activated and the included services can be used until 11:59 p.m. (CET). If the option is uninstalled, then calls, SMS and mobile Internet abroad will be billed at the standard roaming rate.

    The included services can then be utilized up to midnight of the same calendar day. The usage charge is only billed if the roaming services (incoming or outgoing calls, SMS or data connection abroad) are not already free based on the mobile subscription or a previously subscribed roaming option.

  • If the included data volume of 100 MB per calendar day has been used up and no other roaming data credit is available, data connections are blocked until midnight.

    To continue surfing:

    • Add data volume with a travel data option
    • Deactivate the travel day pass and continue surfing at the standard roaming rate

    The data consumption can be viewed at; an information SMS message is sent when the credit is used up.

  • WhatsApp messaging: 0.01 MB / message = send 10,000 WhatsApp messages

    WhatsApp messaging: 0.2 MB / Photo = send 500 WhatsApp photos with WhatsApp

    Facebook: 2.1 MB / minute = surf on Facebook for 47 minutes

    YouTube: 8 MB / minute = watch YouTube for 12.5 minutes

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