Sunrise for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine leaves us stunned and affected. Find out here how we help.

*The charges will be waived provisionally until June 30, 2023.

Refugees from Ukraine can make free phone calls

Sunrise supports all those who have fled from Ukraine to Switzerland. You will receive a SIM card that is valid for 12 months. The SIM card enables unlimited calls, SMS and mobile data in Switzerland as well as unlimited calls from Switzerland to Ukraine.

The Prepaid SIM cards are available in every Sunrise Shop.

    • Unlimited calls, SMS and mobile data in Switzerland
    • Unlimited calls from Switzerland to Ukraine
    • Valid for 360 days from activation at no additional cost
    • Available in every Sunrise shop
    • CHF 20.- prepaid credit for calls to other countries
    • Available exclusively for Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland –  to be identified by means of passport or ID and Swiss identity card S (for persons in need of protection)

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