Carefree travel to 44 countries

The travel unlimited EU+/USA/CAN option includes incoming and outgoing calls to and from 44 countries, 4 GB data roaming, unlimited SMS all over the world, and calls from Switzerland to 36 countries.

Only available with Sunrise Mobile Unlimited (part of Sunrise One).

Sunrise One: Internet, TV, landline, & mobile package

With Sunrise One you get everything you need all in one handy bundle - for at home and on the go: Limitless Internet, entertainment and calling all across Switzerland

Unlimited high-speed Internet

From us, you always get the highest possible speed – now and in the future at no extra charge

Unlimited entertainment

Enjoy the best TV in Switzerland for the best entertainment

Unlimited calls/SMS/MMS

With Sunrise One you always have unlimited calling in Switzerland – from home and on the go. And, unlimited SMS/MMS in Switzerland are included too