Monthly price (CHF) 65.-

Monthly price (CHF) 65.- Select

Rate details

  • Valid for a time period of

    1 month

  • International Calls

    unlimited Calls


    unlimited SMS/MMS worldwide

  • Surfing

    4 GB surfing

  • Calls abroad

    unlimited calls

  • SMS

    unlimited SMS

Other rates

More information

  • Sunrise Mobile Unlimited (Sunrise One)
  • The option is activated starting the day after sign-up.
  • At least 1 month.
    The duration is based on the number of calendar days in the month of activation.
  • At the end of each month, the option is automatically renewed at midnight (CET).
  • The option can be cancelled at the end of each subsequent contract period. The option can be used until midnight of the last day of the contract period (CET).

    The option is automatically cancelled if the subscription the option is based on is cancelled.

  • The fee for the option is billed upon registration. The option fee is automatically invoiced on a monthly basis until the option is cancelled. If you cancel during a billing period, the basic charge for the entire month will apply.
  • Activation, deactivation, and duration of use are always executed based on the Swiss time zone. Pay attention to time differences.
  • If you use up all of your included data volume before the duration of use is over, the data used from then until the end of the duration of use will be billed at the standard roaming rate.

    Further data usage after the option ends can be blocked in in order to control costs.

  • If your included credit is not used up within the given duration period, it will expire. It cannot be transferred to a newly purchased option.