blue TV: films, series, documentations and live sport

blue Entertainment packages for your favorite program

Enjoy the latest films and the most popular series, visually stunning documentaries, exclusive premium channels and the biggest live sport offer in Switzerland. All conveniently available as a subscription.

Pay as you go: Films

blue Video

Enjoy the latest movie blockbusters, legendary classics or exciting TV series. Choose whether to rent or buy. Take your pick – no subscription needed.

starting at CHF 3.50/film

How does blue TV work?

    1. Select the Home button on the menu of your TV.
    2. Find the apps menu and press OK.
    3. Find the blue TV app and press OK.
    4. Please scan the QR code on the TV screen.
    5. You can then log in with your existing Swisscom login details or create a new Swisscom login. Please create a new login by entering your e-mail address.
    6. You’ll receive a confirmation code by e-mail. Enter it for authentication.
    7. Then set your personal password.
    8. Please then enter your personal information, such as your first name, last name, date of birth and address.
    9. Now enter your mobile number to allow you to reset the password if necessary and to prevent misuse.
    10. You’ll receive a code by SMS to complete the registration.

    Now select your chosen TV-streaming package from blue TV: blue Max, blue Premium, blue Sport (FR/DE).

    1. Press the home button on your menu.
    2. Find the apps menu and press ok.
    3. Find the blue TV app and press ok.
    4. Once in the blue TV app, select videos.
    5. Select your favorite movie or series and enjoy!
  • Interest in individual pay-per-view matches has waned in recent years. blue Sport has therefore decided for product strategy reasons to only offer sport on a subscription basis in future.

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