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How to find your perfect Sunrise TV sports package

The range of sports channels is now enormous. As well as those on Free TV, Sunrise TV offers many others. But which sports package is right for you? We’ll help you find out.

Nathan Leuenberger

January 17, 2023 . 3 minutes read

You love the Champions League but don’t want to go without ice hockey? You enjoy motorsports but can also relax with a bit of golf? Deep down you’re a Swiss winter-sports fan but don’t want to miss what’s happening on the other side of the pond?

The Sunrise TV offer provides plenty of possibilities to find your perfect sports package. Since you’re spoilt for choice, we’ve put together a list of what you can expect from the various options.


With the Sunrise in-house sports channel, sport’s the name of the game. MySports brings the latest hockey action to your TV or app. With over 10 channels, you need never worry about missing one of the National League games, since there’s space for all of them.

The package also includes reports, interviews and insights from the Swiss hockey world that you won’t find anywhere else. But MySports isn’t only about hockey. It’s the only place where you can find lots of other exciting events from the vast world of sports. On top of Swiss ice hockey, die-hard NHL fans can enjoy the best games from America – a total of 150 live games every season!

And if you’re in the mood for something a little more out there, simply switch to MySports Edge on your TV. You’ll find the wildest events from the world of two wheels, whether powered by motors or muscles.

MySports is right for you if you really love hockey! Here you’ll get all the action from the ice and all the information about what’s going down outside the rink.


How to get MySports on your Sunrise TV

You can subscribe to the entire MySports world for CHF 25.– per month or get a day ticket for CHF 9.–, which gives you all-channel access for 24 hours.

Sky Sport

Sky Sport offers an incredibly wide range of different sports. From soccer, golf and motorsports to handball or martial arts. Sky Sport offers arguably the most diverse range of sports packages available on Sunrise TV.

Soccer fans will find three of Europe’s top leagues here: the Italian Serie A, the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga, as well as the DFB cup matches. But that’s not all: Argentina’s Primera División is also included. So, as a Sky Sport subscriber, you might well be the one to discover the next Lionel Messi.

If you’re more of a motorsports than a soccer fan, you can sit back and enjoy all the Formula 1 to 3 races, or watch the Nascar Cup Series.

For less burning rubber but just as much excitement, all the important golf tournaments are broadcast on Sky Sport. But if, instead of white, you’d prefer yellow ones made of felt, then there’s the full range of tennis tournaments in the Sky Sport subscription. This package gives sports fans plenty of reasons to lounge in front of the TV or the app.

Sky Sport is perfect for you if you’re open for something new. The wide range offers you so many different sports – it’ll never get old.


How to get Sky Sport on your Sunrise TV

The Sky Sport subscription with all the games and tournaments can be added to your Sunrise TV subscription for CHF 19.90 per month.

blue Sport

Is the Sky package just too overwhelming and you’d actually prefer the soccer? Are the Champions League and soccer in Switzerland most important to you? Then the blue Sport package is the right choice for you.

blue Sport has all the Credit Suisse Super League and dieci Challenge League matches included. It also has the exciting UEFA Champions League and Europa League duels.

The blue Sport package is the right one for scouting out the potential opponents of Swiss teams in international tournaments, offering you all the matches from the Premier League, Serie A, LaLiga, Liga Portugal and Ligue 1.

Live games from the Champions Hockey League and the tournaments of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) will ensure a welcome change from soccer now and again.

blue Sport is right for you if soccer’s your thing. Whether domestic or international soccer, blue Sport’s got you covered.


How to get blue Sport on your Sunrise TV

You can add blue Sport to your digital TV subscription for CHF 29.90 per month.

Have you made up your mind?

We know choosing is tough when there are so many sports packages. Fortunately, you don’t need to do it right now.

You can order or cancel these subscriptions on a monthly basis. Simply do it on the Internet via your Sunrise account. Whatever you choose, as a Sunrise customer you can watch pretty much every major sporting event in the world. Whether it’s soccer, hockey, golf or tennis. With these sports subscriptions, we’ve got everyone covered.

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