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Samsung Galaxy S24: save up with Sunrise Services

Beginning of the year, Samsung fans eagerly await the release of the latest Samsung Galaxy, and now the time has finally come – the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series is here. Sunrise offers a number of new and tried-and-tested offers for you to get the brand-new device with the best terms.

Flurina Kuster

January 19, 2024 . 2 minutes read

Flex Upgrade

With the Flex Upgrade option, you can upgrade to a new Samsung Galaxy at any time and for any reason for the duration of your device plan – even during an ongoing contract term. It doesn’t matter if the device has been damaged or stolen. You can add Flex Upgrade when you purchase a device, or you can activate it within 28 days of receiving the smartphone.

The insurance covers for phones and tablets provides worldwide protection against theft and damage. If you’d like, you can even order the latest Samsung Galaxy every year. And you can do so for free if the old device you’re trading in is in «good» condition.


What does «good condition» mean?

The device has a few very slight signs of wear. Slight scratches on the screen and dents on the corners and edges of the case are acceptable. Technically, the device is in perfect working order.

Smart Upgrade

On top of the Flex Upgrade option, you can save even more money with Smart Upgrade.

Every time you buy any new smartphone, Smart Upgrade gives you 25% discount when you exchange it for a new one after two years. Otherwise, you simply pay the remaining rate.


However, you also have the following options:


  • Upgrade to any new smartphone with Flex Upgrade whenever you want. You’ll need to return your current phone within 14 days of receiving the new phone.


  • Exchange your current smartphone for the latest one after two years.

  • Keep your current smartphone after two years and pay the remaining rate all at once or through another convenient 12-month device plan.

Sunrise Buyback

The third way to save money when you buy the new Samsung Galaxy is with Sunrise Buyback.


With Sunrise Buyback, you can sell used mobiles, tablets and smartwatches without any hassle at Sunrise shops, by phone or online. The Buyback value can be deducted as a discount when you buy the new Samsung Galaxy or added to your down payment when you opt for instalment payments.


Circular economy

Sunrise wants to enhance the ecological responsibility of its products and use materials more efficiently. We want to achieve this by recycling and refurbishing more and by improving existing return programmes, such as Sunrise Buyback, thus doing our bit to promote a circular economy.


The circular economy encompasses the full cycle of all products and materials, from where they originate as raw materials through to the way they’re manufactured and used, and finally how they’re reused or recycled. The objective of the circular economy is to consume as few resources as possible and ensure that the products and materials that are needed remain in circulation locally wherever possible.

Environmental sustainability goals

To avoid negative impacts on the environment and society, Sunrise designs its products and services to be as sustainable as possible. When it comes to Sunrise devices such as modems and set-top boxes, the focus is on durability, repairability and low power consumption.


This also applies to the design and packaging, that are developed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The award-winning Sunrise IPTV Box is one example of the success of these endeavors. Made of 85% recycled materials, it won the «Sustainability Award» presented by «Digital TV Europe» in 2020.

Interested in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series?


with integrated Galaxy AI features it gives you a unique user experience, that is sure to make your life easier.

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