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The mobile phone will come with two interchangeable covers – one in pink and one in blue.
Features of the Blabloo Kidsphone wave 1
Memory16 GB
Weight187 g
Main camera13 MP
Front camera8 MP
Battery capacity2680 mAh
Special featuresSOS function

The time has come for your child’s first smartphone

You’ve had enough of always having to lend them your own phone. As a responsible parent who is concerned for the well-being of your children, you want to be able to limit the functionality of your child’s smartphone and to set a minimum of rules when it comes to "good" usage.

What can children do with their Blabloo?

Blabloo can be used like any other Android smartphone, the only difference being that parents can restrict the use of some apps and features.

What else can the Blabloo smartphone do?

It allows messages to be sent within a private family chat. It also has an SOS button that sends an alarm message if pressed.

The advantages of Blabloo

Blabloo enables parents to teach their children healthy smartphone habits from day one. You can manage your child’s phone remotely and in real time, which helps prevent tension between the two of you as a result of excessive smartphone use. With Blabloo, you can remove your children from their screen in just one click.

Download the Blabloo Parents app and connect it to your smartphone for free

The following features are available:

  • Block access to the Blabloo smartphone with a message (e.g., it’s time for bed).

  • All apps on the Blabloo smartphone can be grouped into categories which can be permitted or blocked.

  • Permit or block access to the Play Store and the smartphone settings and features.

  • Locate the Blabloo smartphone to see where your child is.

  • Schedule access to individual apps or app categories (e.g., only allow learning apps during study hours)

Blabloo Parents App for Apple Devices

Blabloo Parents App for Android Devices