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Samsung Galaxy devices with Galaxy AI

Besides the new Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy AI is available for the S23 series, S23 FE, Z Fold5, Z Flip5 and the Tab S9 series as well. Update your device now and get the unique user experience with integrated Galaxy AI functions that simplify life. Get to know Chat & Call Assist which make it easy to overcome language barriers, Photo Assist takes photography to the highest level and Note Assist is a real productivity booster with handwriting recognition, summaries and translations.

*Galaxy AI functions will be provided free of charge on supporting Samsung Galaxy devices until at least the end of 2025.

Just circle and find

Circle to Search with Google is a new way of finding what you’re looking for. Just circle an item with the S Pen or your finger and instantly get the relevant Google search results. Seen something in your favorite series that you’ve simply got to have? Circle to Search with Google makes finding it a breeze! Just circle it and you’ll immediately get all the information you need – no need to open another app. How it works:

Live Translate makes communicating a breeze!

Live Translate will translate your phone calls and chats in real time – perfect if, say, you’re on holiday and don’t understand the language. You can even reply in your own language, as this will also be automatically translated. How it works:

Summarize your notes in a flash with AI

Got masses of notes? Note Assist helps you quickly get to the point. AI will summarize the content clearly so anyone can quickly understand the important points. Looking for an old note? No problem! The new cover sheets will automatically display a brief summary of the content. You’ll always be well organized and have an overview of everything. How it works:

Easily optimize size and position

Some things in your photo aren’t in the right place? No problem! You can move them around afterwards! The new AI image editing functions let you easily move things around, while the empty areas they leave behind will be automatically filled. How it works:

Always find the right tone with Chat Assist

Let AI lend a hand when you’re writing text messages. Chat Assist will always find the right tone for every occasion – from professionally polite to casually friendly. How it works:

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