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By signing up for a new mobile subscription with a device, you can conveniently pay for your smartphone with your mobile bill. This way, you avoid a high one-time payment and the cost of a loan. After the end of your chosen minimum contract term, your device is paid off. Additionally, Sunrise offers you many benefits, such as the Smart Upgrade for the latest iPhone and attractive, changing offers on other smartphones.

No, in some cases it's even cheaper. We base our monthly amounts on the recommended retail prices of the devices. Additionally, we offer online promotions where you can get more device storage for the same price, for example. Do you already know about Sunrise Smart Upgrade? Here, you save a whopping 25% on the current iPhone and automatically receive the latest model every two years.

The costs vary depending on which mobile subscription you choose for the device and which device you choose. You can find our mobile subscriptions above in the overview. Choose yours and click "Combine with smartphone." On the next page, you can choose the device for your new subscription. With the slider, you can set the minimum contract term and see the monthly costs.

The minimum contract term for the mobile subscription depends on which offer you choose. You can choose the minimum contract term for your new device with the subscription when you add your smartphone to the tariff. Simply click "Combine with smartphone" on your desired subscription and choose your new device on the next page. You can adjust the minimum contract term with the slider.