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Prepaid top-up options

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from just CHF 10.–

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My Sunrise, for managing your prepaid number

Another way to top up

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As a Sunrise mobile subscription or landline customer, you enjoy the benefit of being able to top up a Sunrise prepaid number conveniently as part of your bill – for example, the numbers your partner, children, godchildren or grandchildren use.

This is how to do it by SMS (only possible with mobile billing):

The following example shows how to top up the Sunrise prepaid mobile number 0761234567 with CHF 50.–.

  • Example without any greeting text:

    Send an SMS with the text «50 0761234567» to the number 808.

  • Example with greeting text (maximum of 30 characters):
    Send an SMS with the text «50 0761234567 Love Dad!» to the number 808.

The topped-up prepaid credit will be charged to your next Sunrise bill. You can choose the amount, but it must be at least CHF 10.– and no more than CHF 50.– per top-up.

Please note: You can top up a maximum of CHF 150.– per day and CHF 500.- per billing period as part of your Sunrise bill.

Top up the calling-time credit for your Sunrise prepaid number with a saved payment card.

You must first save the details of your payment card in your My Sunrise account. This card will remain on the system until the payment card expires or you delete it yourself.

As soon as the payment card is saved, you can start using it.

Via your mobile

You then need to enter the following key combination on your mobile:

*137* + desired amount* + number to be topped up + # OK

Example: *137*50*0761234567#OK

If you want to top up your own number, all you need to do is enter *137* + the desired amount + #.

You’ll then receive an SMS with your top-up confirmation.

The corresponding amount will be charged to your payment card.

This version works both in Switzerland and abroad.

For security reasons, you must wait at least 15 minutes before topping up again. Topping up by payment card is also subject to the following limits:

Per day: max. CHF 150.–

Per month: max. CHF 500.– for Swiss payment cards

Per month: max. CHF 300.– for foreign payment cards