Series 8
Your essential companion for a healthy life. Advanced health sensors with new temperature sensing for insights into women’s health. Innovative safety features including Crash Detection. All in a stunning, durable design.

Design and durability

Always-On Retina Display. Recognize everything. Get it all done. On the bright always-on display, detailed dials look impressive and easy to read, even if you have lowered your wrist. The larger display has room for all your favorite complications and makes typing, typing and swiping easy.

Hard, but harder
The same innovations that make the incredibly beautiful all-screen always-on display possible also ensure that it is incredibly robust. A thick front glass, a resistant shape and a flat base make it unbreakable.

- Break-proof Made to last.
- Dust-proof IP6X certification.
- Water-protected Swimming festival with WR50 water protection.


Here's to your healthier future
The more you know about your health, the better you can take care of it. Advanced sensors in your Apple Watch Series 8 give you insights that help you better understand your health.

Temperature detection
Understand your cycle even better. Apple Watch Series 8 has an innovative sensor that tracks your temperature while you sleep. This allows you to see the changes over time. The cycle log uses this data to retrospectively estimate the time of ovulation. In conjunction with your heart rate and the logged cycle data, you get a detailed overview of your cycle.

Prediction of the period. With more security.
Get an improved prediction of the period with temperature data from the wrist. You may receive notifications if your logged cycle data shows a possible deviation, such as an irregular or prolonged period.

A watch to dream
With the sleep app, you can not only keep an eye on your sleep duration. It shows how long you were in REM, core or deep sleep phases and whether you may have woken up in between.

Do an ECG. Anytime. With the ECG app, the Apple Watch Series 8 creates an ECG, comparable to a 1-lead ECG.

Measure blood oxygen. Simply breathtaking. With the app and sensor in Apple Watch Series 8, you can measure the oxygen in your blood either on demand or regularly in the background – day or night.

Never forget vitamins and medicines again. The medication app helps you unobtrusively and conveniently to record your intake of medications, vitamins and dietary supplements and to log them easily via the Apple Watch.


Innovation that hopefully you never need.
Accident detection. Automatically calls for help. Apple Watch Series 8 can tell if you've had a serious car accident. If it registers an accident, accident detection can automatically notify an emergency service, tell the helpers on the phone your location and inform your emergency contacts.2 Accident detection uses an improved 3-axis gyro in conjunction with a high g-force accelerometer with the widest dynamic range in a smartwatch. It also uses a barometer, GPS and an advanced sensor fusion algorithm that works with over 1 million hours of real driving and accident data to detect a major accident.

- Fall detection Apple Watch Series 8 can detect if you've fallen badly and call emergency services if you can't move. And it's optimized for the training app when you use it.
- Emergency call SOS If you press and hold the button on the side, Apple Watch can call a local emergency service to communicate your location.

Without end ways to train. For your personal best. Whether it's squats, spinning, jogging or whatever you're feeling like, the Apple Watch has a workout for it in the improved training app. And with training views, you can see more advanced metrics at a glance, including heart rate zones and custom intervals, to help you move forward.


- Heart rate zones Quickly get a feel for how intensively you train. Your training zones are automatically calculated and personalized based on your health data. Or you can set them up manually.
- Make your workouts more individual. Adjust training and recovery intervals to suit your training style. Get hints on pace, heart rate, cadence and performance. This is how you decide how you want to achieve your goals.
- Route. Run a distance. And again, faster. If you do outdoor running or cycling training more frequently, you can try to beat your last or best result and get updates to help you.

Stay connected
Not out of the world even abroad. With international roaming10 you can make calls, send text messages, stream music, and get help in an emergency in many places while traveling.

- Maps Your wrist shows you the way.
- Apple Pay Pay right from your wrist with Apple Pay.
- Siri The answer to life's important questions.

Family Configuration
From Family Configuration, you can use your iPhone to set up an Apple Watch for your kids or for older adults who don't have their own iPhone.

App Store and watch faces
Your favorite apps on your wrist. With direct access to tens of thousands of apps on the App Store, Apple Watch is the perfect personal device for everything you love to do. So many complications. It's that simple. You can even customize the watch face of your watch with complications for anything that interests you.
And now the Nike dials are available to everyone.