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An outstanding network. Once again.

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  • The Sunrise mobile network has been rated "OUTSTANDING" for the third time in a row
  • Sunrise has the most reliable network for mobile data
  • Sunrise undeniably offers the best mobile telephony services due to its excellent coverage throughout Switzerland

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Network coverage

  • Over 98% of our customers surf at high speeds on the 4G LTE broadband network
  • Has achieved the top spot as the fastest and best mobile network in numerous comparison tests and surveys
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  • Network coverage on the Sunrise mobile broadband network

    Check Sunrise network coverage where you live:

    Important: Information about mobile network coverage is not binding. It is intended solely as a reference and relates to the accessibility of mobile services outdoors. There may also be gaps in coverage in the areas that are shown as covered.

    2G / GSM
    Allows calling and SMS/MMS. The surfing speed is slow, but sufficient for smaller data volumes (e.g. e-mails without attachments).

    3G / UMTS
    Allows mobile Internet. Fast surfing speeds up to 42 Mbit/s. The entire Sunrise mobile network is 3G-capable and covers more than 99% of the Swiss population.

    4G / LTE
    The current generation of mobile networks. More customers can use mobile Internet at the same time. Fast surfing speeds up to 100 Mbit/s. Extremely rapid loading and quick reaction times for the best surfing experience in the mobile network.
    Covering more than 98% of the Swiss population.

    5G / LTE
    The latest generation of mobile networks. Along with South Korea, Japan, the USA, and China, Switzerland is one of the first countries in the world to have launched 5G on the market. We want to use 5G in order to close the digital gap between urban and rural areas, which is particularly important for business customers and SMEs located outside the major cities. 5G will take these companies into the digital age. Customers can enjoy internet speeds with a high bandwidth of up to 1 Gbit/s without a fiber optic connection.

    Tip: With 94.3% 4G area-wide coverage, Sunrise offers the largest 4G coverage in Switzerland. Sunrise has been able to capture the highest ratings in numerous comparison tests and surveys as the fastest and best mobile network. More information on the Sunrise mobile network page .
  • Calling directly on the 4G network

    VoLTE calls will be billed as normal calls according to your current subscription.

    Activate VoLTE
    Instructions on how to activate VoLTE can be found in the instructions for mobile phones and tablets.

    Calling problems with VoLTE
    If calls are often interrupted or you have problems with quality, check if deactivating VoLTE solves the problem.

    Tip: The requirements, benefits, and a list of smartphones that are currently compatible with VoLTE can be found here .
  • Better reception at home
    The Sunrise indoor box is a small communications device for extending the mobile network inside buildings to improve reception on your mobile phone. In most cases, it will boost your device to 4-5 bars and 3G.

    The Sunrise indoor box has a 50-meter range, depending on walls and other obstacles.

    Location of the indoor box
    If you move or your address is not correct, you can change it at My Sunrise.

    Add a number to the registration list
    You can add other mobile phone numbers for activating the use of your indoor box in My Sunrise. This requires a Sunrise network (Sunrise, yallo, Lebara, Ortel or Aldi Mobile)

    Using other Internet providers
    You can use your Sunrise indoor box at home without having Sunrise Internet. It will also work with other Internet providers, as long as you connect the modem to the Sunrise indoor box with a LAN cable.

    Use abroad
    The Sunrise indoor box should remain in your home. It only works properly at the address we have registered.

    Tip: You can find further information here .

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